This is why the FDA allows unsafe drugs on the market

Marilynn Marchione from the Associated Press asked a good question in her article today:

How does a drug go from blockbuster to bust?

How can big safety issues go undetected in medicines taken by millions of people for many years, as happened this week with the diabetes pill Avandia and a few years ago with the painkiller Vioxx?

Here’s a three-letter hint: the FDA. As long as the FDA has a vested financial interest in helping drug companies bring product to market, we will see these scenarios for years to come.

Isn’t it ironic that the FDA won’t allow the importation of drugs from Canadian pharmacies due to “safety reasons,” but will allow a drug to stay on the market that increases a patient’s risk of heart attack by 43 percent?

The simple answer to Marilynn’s question is this: FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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Agree with your conclusion. Safety is not an immediate concern with big pharma. Profit is.

When I was young I was told the FDA will only approve of a medication to go public if it was first tested and deemed to be safe. For years I wondered what ta heck happened. People are being harmed by or because of the love of money. It’s a sad day in America when those that are supposed to be guarding the hen house turn out to be wolves. After I saw commercial after commercial telling people to call lawyers if harm came to a loved one I questioned what was happening. And while Bush was President I remember pet food coming from China was killing our pets. What became of the good moral standards we once had? Who decided Americans can be used as Ginny Pigs?

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