Why are our medical records still being kept on stone tablets?

From Ezra Klein, political blogger and frequent commentator on healthcare reform:

I just called UCI Medical Center where most of my health records are stored to see if I could get a copy to take back to DC and transfer to my doctor there. No humans answer the phone, of course, I have to leave a message and wait for a future call back. I am informed, though, that getting the records will entail a $15 “clerical fee” and a per page fee, which, given how many pages can be in records, could prove substantial. Additionally, the request will take 10-14 days to process, and then an undetermined number more to mail.

You’re telling me this wouldn’t be a thousand times easier and better if the doctor’s office couldn’t simply click “forward?”

It’s taking much longer than it should, but one day the majority of our healthcare dealings — not just our drug purchases — will be conducted online. Count on it.

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