What do antidepressants, pantyhose and shaved legs have in common?

Great tease, huh? This 12-minute video argues that pharma marketers have persuaded people that they need antidepressants in the same way that early 20th-century marketers convinced women that pantyhose and shaved legs are necessary to be attractive. It’s interesting; check it out.

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Since you’ve already now taken the red pill, this is how a drug is approved.

The only requirement for approval is two studies proving the drug awaiting approval is superior to a placebo. Now, the big pharma company can create unlimited trials that do not show this superiority, and possibly inferiority to a placebo, but if two studies develop that meet the requirement, then the drug should be approved, unless deadly safety issues are discovered this early in the game. It raises the question about how efficacious meds really are, overall.

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