Want to see a Wookiee? Take Vfend!

Lord knows there are tons of Star Wars fans out there who would give their collector lightsabers and Darth Vader helmets to have a close encounter with a Wookiee — but it turns out all you need is a fungal infection and a prescription for Pfizer’s Vfend.

From CNBC:

At a scientific conference in Chicago this week, a researcher presented the results of a study showing that 12% of the people who take Vfend start seeing things. Like Chewy. Yep, the scientist told doctors at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy meeting that one patient claims to have had visions of Wookiees after taking Vfend.

So here’s Les’ hilarious take on all this: “Included in the reported visions was at least one sighting of a Wookiee (presumably Chewbacca). We make the following observations: what is wrong with seeing Wookiees? We are making no changes to our 2007 $700 million sales forecast for Vfend, and continue to believe that sales for the drug can grow at a 10% clip over the next few years. We do not see future FDA action in terms of a black-box Wookiee warning or an FDA Wookiee panel.”

May the Pforce be with Pfizer.

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