Heart palpitations. Sweaty palms. Tense muscles.

What if you could overcome these key indicators of generalized anxiety disorder?

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Millions of people suffer from mental health disorders, but what if you could be a success story?

Viibryd, or vilazodone, is a safe medication that helps relieve anxiety and major depressive disorders. And it’s taking the pharmaceutical world by storm with its lack of negative side effects and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

But how do you know if Viibryd is right for you?

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Viibryd for Anxiety

Viibryd originated as a drug for major depressive disorder, or MDD. It soon became used off-label for anxiety disorders, once if became obvious that it helped with the often debilitating symptoms that can co-occur.


One of a popular group of depression and anxiety medications called selective serotonin reputake inhibitors (SSRIs), Viibryd joined the ranks of mainstay drugs such as Prozac on the market several years ago.

With patients reporting excellent short and long-term results on the drug, doctors increasingly became more confident in prescribing it.

What Does Anxiety Look Like?

Generalized anxiety disorder can present in many ways:

  • Insomnia
  • Agoropobia
  • Social anxiety
  • Tense muscles
  • Racing thoughts
  • Fight or flight syndrome
  • Chest pains and heart palpatations
  • Clammy skin and excessive sweating
  • Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw

People deserve to live their lives feeling stable and without the debilitating effects of mental health issues. When a doctor prescribes Viibryd for anxiety, it is typically used in conjunction with treat for major depressive disorder as well.

Only you and your health care provider are qualified to decide what’s right for you. But medication resistant anxiety and depression often respond well to this drug.

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A minority of anxiety patients report that Viibryd doesn’t work for them, but it is best to try the medication for several months before giving up. Your body and brain need to get used to SSRIs, and this can take time.

Some people write vilazodone reviews praising the medication for providing relief that other mental health drugs simply couldn’t.

Side Effects of Viibryd

Side effects can include restlessness, headache, and dry mouth.

Intermittent nausea can also occur. If you have a history of stomach problems, it is best to consult with your doctor.

In very few patients, suicidal ideation and dark thoughts can present. These side effects are typically seen in younger patients, and mostly under the age of 24.

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You should only take medication under the watch care of a qualified medical professional. If you take other medications or have had issues with SSRI drugs for depression or anxiety in the past, be sure to report that to your doctor.

If you experience adverse side effects or worsening anxiety, call your health care provider immediately. There are many other medications that are safe to try if Viibryd doesn’t work for you.

Does Viibryd Cause Weight Gain?

One of the major gripes about many mental health medications is their tendency to cause weigh gain in patients.

Vilazodone, or Viibryd, reviews point to a lower instance of weight gain. It is recommended, however, that one take the drug with food.

Taking care of your health by eating a well-balanced diet and getting adequate amounts of physical activity will make the drug work even better.

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As depression and anxiety medications continue to improve, weight gain no longer has to be a common complaint.

What Does Viibryd Do In the Body?

Because of its classification as an SSRI, Viibryd increases your ability to utilize serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is one of four major neurotransmitters — a big word that simply refers to your brain chemicals.

The class of drugs that Viibryd belongs to is time-tested, and generally thought of in the medical community as safe for most patients. SSRIs are also used widely in conjunction with medications for separate health issues and diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Viibryd is not a stimulant medication like Adderall or Ritalin, and is not indicated for attention deficit disorder. It is not physically addictive.

Anxiety can wreak havoc on your quality of life, and vilazodone is a highly respected method of lessening symptoms.


You don’t have to live with the scourge of anxiety.

Viibryd reviews from patients and doctors show that it gets better.

Add Viibryd to Your Anti-Anxiety Lifestyle

Using other therapies such as counseling, healthy eating, and moderate exercise can work with Viibryd calm your mind and improve your life. Some patients also report that meditation and journaling helps with depression and anxiety, especially when used with medications like vilazodone.

If anxiety is persistent, you may have to analyze the amount of stress you are under. Stressful situations and lifestyles are a known factor in increasing anxiety.

You don’t have to be plagued with racing thoughts and nervousness when you take charge of your health and try a medication such as Viibryd. For anxiety, it is always best to work with your doctor and be as specific as possible about your symptoms.

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It’s also important for you to believe that you can get better, and have the will to fight for your health, even in your darkest hour.

That’s where Viibryd comes in—helping you to finally get some relief from the pain and suffering of anxiousness and depression.

Anxiety is not a character defect, it is a diagnosable illness—and you can find relief.

Talk to Your Doctor About Viibyrd

When you visit your health care provider to talk about Viibryd for anxiety, be prepared to discuss your symptoms and any issues in your life that may be contributing to your pain. Many people with major depressive disorder or anxiety can live symptom-free fulfilling lives.

Take care to use Viibryd exactly as directed. Always take your medications at a similar time each day, such as with your breakfast in the morning.

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Making Viibryd a part of your daily routine can make a big difference in your life.

Viibryd is available only by prescription, and can be found online at different pharmacies in a number of price ranges. Try eDrugSearch to compare prices and learn more about whether or not Viibryd is right for you.