Here are the top 25 drug price searches on for the month of December:

  1. Accupril prices
  2. Nexium prices
  3. Viagra prices
  4. Combivent prices
  5. Acyclovir prices
  6. Prozac prices
  7. Propecia prices
  8. Actos prices
  9. Yasmin prices
  10. Plavix prices
  11. Lipitor prices
  12. Crestor prices
  13. Levitra prices
  14. Synthroid prices
  15. Azithromycin prices
  16. Valtrex prices
  17. Topamax prices
  18. Vytorin prices
  19. Remeron prices
  20. Xenical prices
  21. Imitrex prices
  22. Levaquin prices
  23. Byetta prices
  24. Celebrex prices
  25. Strattera prices

As we state each month, the list isn’t a perfect reflection of the most popular drugs purchased online, largely because of Google. For a variety of reasons,  appears very high in the organic search results for some drugs, but not as high for others. This obviously skews our results.

With this caveat, however, we hope that over time our results will shed light on trends in online drug sales.

We’ll post our January 2008 results next month.