The Health 2.0 Blog Gives Voice to a Movement

Over the last week we’ve been a little slow on posting, but we are busy with lots of good things here at eDrugSearch.

However, we had to take some time out to mention the launch of the new Health 2.0 Blog by the talented Indu Subaiya and the author of “The Health Care Blog” Matthew Holt.

We are particularly excited about this new blog that builds on the great work of Johannes Ernst with his Health2.0 wiki.

The best part of the blog is that it will be collaborative, which is the name of the game for Health 2.0.  We are particularly excited about this since in the near future eDrugSearch plans to add a little to the Health 2.0 movement.

Here is what Indu and Matthew say about the new collaboration:

“So if your mind is still buzzing from the conference, or if you?re working on something you want to share with the rest of the community, or if there is something particularly controversial that you want to weigh in on, send our blog meister John Pluenneke an email so he can set you up as a contributor!”

We say, sign us up!

Photo by AmyliaGrace

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