Thanks for trying, Byron

With it clear that the U.S. Senate had the votes to finally legalize the reimportation of drugs from Canada, some sneaky Senators were able to add provisions to Sen. Byron Dorgan’s amendment that essentially nullify its impact.

Though he shouldn’t have been surprised, Dorgan (D-ND) expressed disappointment in the outcome:

We’re going to keep fighting. One day, I assure you, we are going to inject a little price competition into the American market when it comes to prescription medicines. Without competition, the big drug companies monopoly price their medicines and Americans pay the highest prices in the world…

We could have voted to help improve the lives of millions of Americans, make prescription drugs more safe, and, according to the Congressional Budget Office, save $50 billion over ten years through something we all say we believe in — market competition.

This fight is not over. We’ll be back. And eventually, the American people are going to win.

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