Taking the pulse of healthcare bloggers

Since I began posting here at eDrugSearch, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the blogs in the healthcare space. Sure, there aren’t nearly as many blogs covering healthcare as technology, politics and celebrity gossip — but I’ve discovered that beyond my daily reading list (topped by Healthbolt and PharmaGossip), there are literally hundreds of good healthcare blogs out there.

Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion points us to a survey of healthcare bloggers that has some interesting findings. Among these, healthcare bloggers are unusual in that quite a few hide their identities to protect themselves, friends, family, patients and careers.

This points to the fact that a lot of healthcare bloggers feel trapped by the flaws in the system — and yet feel compelled to expose these flaws. In this way, I think blogs will ultimately play an important role in changing things. That’s certainly a goal the eDrugSearch Blog has with respect to Big Pharma.

Fortunately, since I own the company, I can say what I want!

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Just popped by to say thanks for the namecheck and to say I will be putting you on my blogroll.

Many thanks and good luck!


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