Prozac vs Zoloft depression

20 Jun: Prozac vs Zoloft: Which is Better for Those Suffering From Depression?

350 million people worldwide struggle with depression. Almost 7% of Americans are affected by one of the numerous types of depression. These include major depression, persistent depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, manic-depressive illness, seasonal affective disorder, or postpartum depression. There are many treatments people can turn to including counseling, group therapy, exercise, diet, social supports, etc. One of the most helpful though is medication. Two common medications are Prozac and Zoloft. But how can you know which is right for you? This article will walk you through the similarities and differences in Prozac vs Zoloft. Prozac vs Zoloft: Uses While Prozac and Zoloft for depression have been effective, they can also be used to treat other mental disorders. Let’s take a…

prozac vs zoloft

27 Mar: Prozac vs Zoloft: Which One Should You Take?

Globally, 350 million people suffer from some form of depression. Depression can be treated in a few different ways including counseling and various forms of medication. Both Prozac and Zoloft are prescription drugs that are often used to treat depression and other illnesses. However, these two drugs have key differences that can be deciding factors when choosing which one to take. In this article, we are going to examine the Prozac vs Zoloft debate by looking at their key differences and effects. Prozac vs Zoloft: The Similarities for Treatment Both Prozac and Zoloft are medications that require a prescription from a doctor or a psychiatrist. Both Prozac and Zoloft are prescribed to help people suffering from: Anxiety Depression Panic Disorder…