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16 Aug: 4 Easy Ways to Save Even More Money Using

Everyday more people are becoming aware of how much they can save ordering their prescription medications online through Recently, we have had several individuals contact us to walk them through their first time purchase. Although the process is simple, ordering your drugs online can be a little confusing your first time through. Let’s walk through the process so that you can make your first purchase without hitting any speed bumps along the way. 1. Sign up to Although this is the easiest step, it is also the most important. Signing up to will gain you exclusive access to coupons and daily deals – so don’t rely . . . be sure to Join Today!. 2. Locate Your…

27 Dec: Nine tips for becoming a smarter consumer

From the Raleigh News & Observer via the Consumer World blog, here are nine tips for becoming a smarter consumer: Haggle. Check for discounts. Complain more. Read the fine print. Do your homework and get second opinions. Get help. Save for a rainy day. Plan for retirement. Maintain your car. Go here for the full article. To become a smarter consumer of prescription drugs, we encourage you to get help by doing your homework at, and to read the fine print before buying a prescription medication from any online and mail-order pharmacy that’s not in the system. Remember: being a smart drug consumer is important to both your wallet and your health.

04 Dec: Drugstore Savings Strategies from the Coupon Mom

Stephanie Nelson, a.k.a. the Coupon Mom, has released an e-book on savings strategies for CVS, Walgreens and other drugstore chains. The e-book is focused on coupon and reward card savings on general merchandise, rather than prescription drugs. However, there are a couple of good prescription-related tips, such as — “Pharmacy prescription transfer coupons and competitor coupons: On a local basis drugstores may mail out prescription transfer coupons, such as giving customers a $20 store gift card when they bring in a new prescription or transfer one from another pharmacy.” “Ask your drugstore if they will also accept other pharmacies prescription coupons. If so, start keeping an eye out for your grocery stores’ and other drugstores’ prescription coupons to have several…