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5 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs

24 Jun: 5 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs

We know the cost of prescription drugs is increasing. It seems every time we turn around, one medication or another costs more. However, there are ways you can trim the costs and save money on your prescription drugs. Let’s take a look. 1.) Do Not Trust Discounts There are many drug manufacturers that will dole out coupons and discounts for their medications. They will supply doctors with these coupons, who hand them out willingly. While these discounts may seem like a good idea, they may not be as appealing as they appear. These coupons will save you money up front, but you might end up paying higher insurance premiums later on. 2.) Shop Around and Compare Drug Prices Many people…

Get Your Prescriptions From An Angie's List Local Expert Pharmacy

25 Jun: Get Your Prescriptions From An Angie’s List “Local Expert”

If you are like most of us, you are always in search of ways to save money. This is especially true when it comes to health care and prescription costs. Purchasing just one or two prescriptions a month can add up to a lot of money. Luckily, there’s a new way to save. The Power Of Angie’s List You probably know about Angie’s List. It’s a great website that features advice on how to save on a wide range of products and services. Recently, was featured as a local expert on Angie’s List. The informative article featured seven ways you can save on your prescriptions. It doesn’t matter whether you need to purchase medication for a one-time illness or…

02 Dec: Are the days of free samples coming to an end?

  USA Today reported recently on mounting pressure on doctors to stop giving free drug samples to their patients. The longstanding practice is under attack from several sources, including — Consumer advocates, who say that doctors use free samples to start patients on expensive brand-name drugs, when cheaper generics would do; Pharmacists, who say they are being kept out of the loop; and Healthcare systems, which say that doctors aren’t completing the necessary paperwork, etc., to track patient outcomes. Frankly, we have mixed feelings about the no-samples trend. While certainly there is the danger that a doctor might prescribe a more expensive drug simply because he or she has samples on hand (which would cost the patient more in the…

20 Nov: 50 ways to save money for the cash-strapped consumer

I came across this excellent post on Thomas Hawk’s blog. If you’re pinching pennies these days, you must read it. Here are a few of Tom’s 50 tips: Unplug appliances part of the time when not in use. Also unscrew lightbulbs in some places instead of just turning the light off. This especially will help with young children who are not always so good at turning lights off when they are done. Try to find free things to do. Watch a kids baseball game (this also reduces stress, watching them play). Go hear a free lecture at a bookstore by an author. Feed the ducks with old bread at the lake. Have a picnic. Play chess or other board games…

24 Sep: How to save money with rebates at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid

I came across a great article at Money Blue Book describing how to take advantage of rebate programs offered by the major drugstore chains. While such programs generally exclude prescription drugs, they are an excellent way to save money on other purchases at these stores. In fact, Money Blue Book reports: If you can learn to take advantage of drug store rebates, you will find yourself getting a lot of free stuff for your money and winding up with merchandise whose total retail value greatly surpasses what you spent out of pocket. Ever since I discovered and started actively using drug store rebates, my frugal living life has been transformed for the better. No longer am I paying shocking $3-4…

11 Sep: Associated Press offers six ways to save on prescription drugs

The Associated Press on Wednesday joined in on the recent flurry of media stories offering tips for saving on prescription drugs. The AP’s tips: Use generic medications. Find a lower-cost option, such as an over-the-counter alternative. Shop around. Order by mail. Research state discount programs. Beware of freebies and commercial discount programs. Read the full story here.

05 Aug: Dr. Jardini’s tips for saving money on prescription drugs

Dr. Edward Jardini has written a valuable book called How to Save on Prescription Drugs, which offers consumers recommendations for reducing their drug expenditures. The Consumerist blog summarizes the tips as follows: ELIMINATE NONESSENTIAL PRESCRIPTIONS 1. Eliminate medicines that are no longer needed 2. Eliminate medicines that no longer work 3. Eliminate medicines that have never worked 4. Eliminate medicines that were never needed THINK OUTSIDE THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG BOTTLE 5. Treat with lifestyle changes 6. Use nondrug treatments 7. Prevent disease naturally STEER CLEAR OF OVERPRICED REDUNDANT DRUGS 8. Don’t “Ask Your Doctor” (for Advertised Drugs) 9. Insist on generic drugs 10. Insist on cheaper medicines with the same class 11. Insist on a cheaper class from the same…

31 Jul: How do you cope with escalating drug costs?

The Orange County Register is asking its readers what strategies they use to keep drug expenditures down: “The soaring costs of prescription drugs have led some health plans to require mail-order prescriptions or limit what medications are covered. The Register wants to hear how readers have coped with changes to their prescription drug benefits and escalating costs. Have you found creative ways to save costs? Have you skipped a medication against doctor’s orders? Do you ration your pills so your supply lasts longer?” We encourage you to tell your story to Register health reporter Courtney Perkes at

03 Dec: Top 25 prescription medication searches for November 2007

Here are the top 25 searches on for the month of November: Accupril Crestor Viagra Plavix Yasmin Lipitor Acyclovir Zyprexa Vytorin Diovan Strattera Climara Levitra Imitrex Simvastatin Zetia Latisse Crestor Abilify Synthroid Topamax Amoxicillin Zetia Combivent Valtrex As we state each month, the list isn’t a perfect reflection of the most popular drugs purchased online, largely because of Google. For a variety of reasons, appears very high in the organic search results for some drugs, but not as high for others. This obviously skews our results. With this caveat, however, we hope that over time our results will shed light on trends in online drug sales. We’ll post our December results next month.