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Bernie Sanders - high prescription drug prices

09 Sep: High Drug Prices are the Problem — Is Bernie Sanders the Solution?

Prescription drug prices are already excessively high, and they are continuing to rise at an astronomical rate. The United States has some of the most expensive prescription medications in the world, and their average annual spending is significantly higher than Europe or Canada. These medication are required for survival, but patients are being forced to choose between paying for their prescriptions and having enough money to eat. This problem is widespread, but there are a few people who are fighting for a solution. An oncologist issued his attack in June at a medical conference sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. He rebuked the industry for nearly doubling the monthly cost of cancer drugs in the past decade. Even among Americans with…

Insidious Greed: How Big Pharma Rips You Off on Drugs

21 Oct: Insidious Greed: How Big Pharma Rips You Off on Drugs

Recently, through the launch of a new online database last week the U.S. government revealed that in 2013, doctors were paid roughly $380 million by medical device and pharmaceutical corporations for speeches and consultations, all within a five-month time frame. Big Pharma spends almost $20 billion annually marketing their products to doctors, which yields profits upwards of $300 billion per year in drug sales. A handful of these doctors were paid more than $500,000 apiece. Others were paid millions for the drugs and devices they helped to create. Doctors insist that this money doesn’t influence what they recommend to their patients. However, it’s extremely difficult to imagine what purpose the payments would serve if not to increase product sales through prescriptions. eDrugSearch.com has…

Why Health Insurance Coverage Will Cost You More in 2015

12 Sep: Why Health Insurance Coverage Will Cost You More in 2015

  In 2015, you can bet on the fact that your health insurance coverage will cost you more. One year after the Affordable Care Act was launched both employees and employers are looking at increased costs for their health care plans due to the rising cost of prescription drugs. Whether you are considering drugs used to treat common chronic conditions or specialty drugs, prices are going up, up, up, a trend that has been going on for a number of years. According to Bloomberg, over 73 big-selling drug brands found the price increased in the U.S. by 75% or more since late 2007 for many drug categories. Commonly Prescribed Drugs These are the drugs that are prescribed to treat common chronic…

Generic Prices Are Going Up

05 Aug: Generic Prices Are Going Up . . . Say It Ain’t So!

  Generic medications have long been known to be the cheaper alternative for those people struggling with the cost of medication. Generic medications have come about with the expiration of brand name patents, allowing many drug companies to produce generic medications that are every bit as effective as their brand name counterparts at a fraction of the cost. However, the tides are turning and some generic medications are becoming more and more expensive, making the once affordable alternatives out of reach for some people who simply cannot afford the cost. Cause of Generic Prices Going Up Supply and demand most certainly plays a role in the increase in generic drug prices, with those medications that are in high demand winning…

01 Feb: 5 Easy Tips To Beat Rising Prescription Drug Prices

Taking prescription drugs can have amazing benefits to help curb or eliminate the symptoms of many diseases and disorders ranging from diabetes and high blood pressure to unhealthy cholesterol levels. But prescription drug prices that seem to be constantly escalating can prove a hardship to many individuals and families. It pays to become a savvy consumer in order to avoid feeling financially strapped paying for the prescription drugs that benefit your overall health. Here are 5 easy tips to beat rising prescription drug prices. Ask your doctor if you can substitute a generic drug for a brand name prescription drug. Many generic drugs that do the same job as more expensive brand-name medicines can end up costing you only one-fifth…

31 Jul: How do you cope with escalating drug costs?

The Orange County Register is asking its readers what strategies they use to keep drug expenditures down: “The soaring costs of prescription drugs have led some health plans to require mail-order prescriptions or limit what medications are covered. The Register wants to hear how readers have coped with changes to their prescription drug benefits and escalating costs. Have you found creative ways to save costs? Have you skipped a medication against doctor’s orders? Do you ration your pills so your supply lasts longer?” We encourage you to tell your story to Register health reporter Courtney Perkes at cperkes@ocregister.com.