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Prescription Drug Prices Are Skyrocketing — Here's How to Save

18 Feb: Prescription Drug Prices Are Skyrocketing — Here’s How to Save

[fusion_text]By now, everyone is well aware of sharp increases in medical costs, but this alarming situation is most apparent in the form of high prescription drug prices. According to Truveris, a firm that analyzes prescription drug prices, in 2014, Americans paid nearly 11 percent more than the previous year. It’s no surprise that name-brand medications increased the most by almost 15 percent. Unfortunately, they’re not the sole reason for the price jump. In 2014, people paid five percent more for their generic prescriptions, which is believed to be caused by a lack of competition within the generic drug industry. The FDA recently imposed new quality control initiatives, which according to Truveris CEO Bryan Birch, cut into many generics manufacturers’ already…

Obama's Secret Trade Deal Could Cause Huge Rise in Drug Prices Worldwide

06 Aug: Obama’s Secret Trade Deal Could Cause Huge Rise in Drug Prices

Anyone who has to struggle with rising costs of medical care, prescription drugs, and medical devices should pay very close attention to the ultra-secret “Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement” supported and implemented by the Obama administration. New Deal Helps Entities, Not Consumers This Trans-Pacific Partnership deal could potentially cause a massive rise in drug prices, as well as the already high prices of crucial medical devices for patients around the world. The U.S Pharmaceutical companies have know about this deal long enough to spend company time shaping elements of the deal to increase their profits; now it’s time for the people of the world who rely on new medical technology and medication to survive to be given the information they need…