08 Sep: Insomnia info: Rozerem is a sleeplessness treatment

Long-term sufferers of insomnia who have not found lasting relief from such sleep aids as Ambien or Sonta should consider researching Rozerem, the only medication of its type approved in the treatment of sleeplessness. Rozerem (ramelteon) is the first of a new class of insomnia drugs: melatonin receptor agonists. These are similar to the naturally-produced sleep hormone melatonin, which your body needs for healthy sleep cycles. Rozerem, manufactured by Takeda Industries North America, was approved by the FDA in July 2005 for the treatment of delayed-onset insomnia. It emerged against a backdrop of other classes of drugs to treat the condition and it has some important differences. Insomnia was historically treated with barbiturates, which were extremely strong and frighteningly addictive….