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19 Jul: 12 Surprising Uses for Old Pill Bottles, #7 Is Genius!

Did you know there were so many uses for old pill bottles? Don’t let your left over pill bottles from your blood pressure mediation pile up. Instead of tossing them out, try giving them a purpose and reuse them to make your life a little less complex. Apart from the bright orange color that makes them easy to spot, these tiny bottles are waterproof and kid proof. Can you start to imagine where this is going? So STOP throwing away your empty pill bottles! Check out these amazing uses for old pill bottles will help you organize your life in ways you won’t believe! 12 Surprising Uses for Old Pill Bottles After you’ve finished reading the list below, you’ll start…

Crafty ways to re-use leftover prescription bottles

14 Nov: Crafty ways to creatively re-use leftover prescription bottles

If you have a medication you take regularly, you’re familiar with the problem of waste created by prescription pill bottles. Some people go through several bottles a month and many municipalities do not recycle this type of plastic. Fortunately, some ultra-creative people have thought up some clever, thrifty ways to re-use these bottles, and keep them out of our landfills, too. The bottles have a few special characteristics that make them super-useful. For one thing, they are sized uniformly, so they’re perfect for organizational projects, where you want things to line up evenly. Even better, they’re waterproof and air-tight qualities that you should take advantage of. You might pay a lot for little bottles like these at a place like…