02 Sep: Get your Pfizer Pfelon commemorative tee shirt here!

Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker, will pay a record $2.3bn civil and criminal penalty over unlawful prescription drug promotions, the US Justice Department announced today. The department said the $2.3bn settlement included a $1.2bn criminal fine, the largest criminal fine in US history. The agreement also included a criminal forfeiture of $105m. Hat Tip to our friend Jack at PharmaGossip 🙂

16 Dec: Pfizer-funded study: Lower prescription drug prices could kill you

It’s no secret that Americans pay far more for prescription drugs than consumers in any other country in the developed world. Most European countries impose price controls on Big Pharma that keep their prescription drug prices to less than two-thirds of what Americans pay. Obviously, Big Pharma doesn’t want that happening here — which may help to explain why Pfizer has funded a new Rand Corporation study saying that lowering drug prices through price controls would have horrific consequences for Americans. How horrific? It would actually reduce the length of your life! As Reuters reports: Imposing European-style price controls on prescription drugs in the United States would result in modest cost savings that would be more than offset by shortened…

30 Nov: Lipitor ads: Worse lip-synching than Britney Spears?

For about a year and half now, Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the artificial heart, has been a paid endorser for the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. Pfizer keeps using Jarvik despite his being branded a “fop” who goes over like a lead balloon by the all-powerful John Mack. He’s also been called “Gollum-y” by Dr. Michael Eades. And NBC has questioned whether his medical credentials are all they’re hyped up to be. But there’s something else that bugs us about Jarvik’s commercials: the audio track. Is it just me, or does it sound like Jarvik’s lines have been dubbed over later rather than recorded along with the video? It’s creepy.

26 Nov: What do tag clouds say about top pharma blogs?

TagCrowd is a great tool that lets you input words from any source, and it spits out a tag cloud that lets you visualize word frequencies. We thought it would be interesting to take a bunch of recent posts from some top pharma blogs to see what’s foremost on their minds. Among the findings: John Mack is all about pharma marketing. Peter Rost is obviously obsessed with dissing Pfizer — but is he also obsessed with promoting BrandWeekNRX? Ed Silverman is on the FDA’s jock. The Angry Pharmacist is REALLY angry.Enjoy!Pharmalot agency approval asthma astrazeneca blog brennan clear company compulsory continue data death doctors drug ed effects effexor fda flu gene glaxo health judge marketing meds meeting minister mongkol patients…

24 Oct: Are Sermo members ready for Pfizer?

Sermo, the online physician community, announced it will be collaborating with Pfizer to Discover, with physicians, how best to transform the way medical information is exchanged in the fast-moving social media environment Create an open and transparent discussion with physicians through the innovative channel offered by online exchange Engage with the FDA to define guidelines for the use of social media in communications with healthcare professionals Work with physicians to develop a productive exchange between pharmaceutical professionals and the Sermo community After I heard of Pfizer’s involvement with Sermo, I was thinking the same thing as everybody else: “Did anyone ask the doctors about this?” According to John Mack , Sermo did — kind of: [Sermo founder Daniel] Palestrant said…

19 Oct: Exubera bong gets Pfired

Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler has finally thrown out the Exubera baby with the bong water, saying, “We made an important decision regarding Exubera, a product for which we initially had high expectations. Despite our best efforts, Exubera has failed to gain the acceptance of patients and physicians. We have therefore concluded that further investment in this product is unwarranted.” Exubera is the first inhalable insulin diabetes drug to market but was later pulled from the market because of poor sales due to doctors concerns about its long-term safety. A video at PharmaGossip sums it up:

20 Sep: Want to see a Wookiee? Take Vfend!

Lord knows there are tons of Star Wars fans out there who would give their collector lightsabers and Darth Vader helmets to have a close encounter with a Wookiee — but it turns out all you need is a fungal infection and a prescription for Pfizer’s Vfend. From CNBC: At a scientific conference in Chicago this week, a researcher presented the results of a study showing that 12% of the people who take Vfend start seeing things. Like Chewy. Yep, the scientist told doctors at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy meeting that one patient claims to have had visions of Wookiees after taking Vfend. So here’s Les’ hilarious take on all this: “Included in the reported visions…

09 Sep: Pfizer’s secret spam marketing program for Viagra?

Computers inside Pfizer’s network have been busted sending out spam touting its flagship drug Viagra’s effectiveness, not to mention ads for cheap Rolexes and shady junk stock. According to Wired, Pfizer’s computers appear to have been infected with malware that has transformed them into zombie computers sending spam at the behest of a hacker. Rick Wesson, CEO of Support Intelligence,a small San Francisco-based security company that alerted Wired News to the problem, believes that Pfizer computers have been spamming inboxes for the last six months and that he’s kept 600 spam messages sent from company computers. He says 138 different Pfizer IP addresses have been blacklisted by various groups, but adds that he can’t estimate the number of infected machines…

05 Sep: Exubera: inhaler or rolling pin?

Although Exubera is turning out to be a flop, you can’t say it’s not good for something. Turns out it’s good for disciplining deadbeat husbands, fighting off dogs while jogging, and rolling dough. According to analysts, Pfizer was slow to market with Exubera, initially assigning it to a sales team that was not prepared to explain it to doctors, and then not beginning to advertise it until this summer. Some doctors complain the Exubera inhaler costs too much and isn’t covered by many insurers. It also looks like something you would find in a college frat house. Pfizer vice chairman David Shedlarz responded to this uproar by saying, “Exubera was not our finest day. We made a lot of mistakes…

04 Aug: Senior Pfizer employees connected to maraviroc scandal

According to Peter Rost of BrandweekNRX and “Rost Watch” fame, Pfizer has announced that it will be terminating three execs in the HIV drug sales division. Rost says that two of these individuals have previously been mentioned in e-mails related to allegations about illegal premarketing of the HIV drug maraviroc, which is one of Pfizer’s most interesting new drug prospects. An FDA panel that had endorsed maraviroc ruled to delay the release of the drug after the premarketing allegations surfaced. More at PeterNRX.