Uses for Onions

10 Aug: 5 Brilliant Uses for Onions That Will Astound You

The saying everything old is new again is true for fashion but it also holds true for old-fashioned home remedies that our grandparents and great-grandparents relied upon in the old days to help stay healthy. Did you know that the humble onion, staple of chefs everywhere around the world, has long been used not just to flavor soups and stews, but as a natural healing remedy for a variety of ailments? According to American Society for Horticultural Science, onions are a powerhouse of quercetin, a pigment which is also an anti-oxidant. Onions have a strong odor because they are sulfur-rich vegetables, that help fight cancer, boost anti-oxidant and help detox your liver–making the humble onion one tasty and super-powered vegetable! Ways…