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04 Jan: Nasonex Spray: Why the Winter Season Won’t Have You Worried

Winter is a time of colder weather, blustery winds, and, unfortunately, an increased amount of colds and allergies. Many people suffer from cold and allergy symptoms throughout the entire winter. These symptoms include stuffy noses, sneezing, runny noses, coughs, and sinus inflammation. The good news is that Nasonex spray can quickly and easily clear up a lot of these symptoms. That way you can get back to worrying about holiday shopping and shoveling snow instead of worrying about constantly sneezing during a work meeting or running out of tissues again. Let’s look at how Nasonex spray can help you this winter. What Is Nasonex Spray? Nasonex spray, also called mometasone, is a steroid medicine that is administered through a nasal…