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New Study: Mild Hypertension Medication May Not Be Needed

16 Sep: New Study: Mild Hypertension Medication May Not Be Needed

  A whopping 40% of adults (that’s 67 million people!) throughout the world suffer from hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure. Over half of those people only have mild hypertension. However, in a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, a research team has indicated that the treatment of mild hypertension in patients at low risk of developing heart disease or stroke may be unnecessary. Their argument is not to leave hypertension untreated, but to determine at which level of high blood pressure treatment should begin for low-risk patients. A Little Background It has been widely accepted in the medical community for some time now that treating people for mild hypertension will reduce the risk of them…

Making Sense of Your Medication’s Side Effects

02 Sep: Making Sense of Your Medication’s Side Effects

  Whether you are taking one medication or a number of different medications, you have probably looked at the list of potential side effects and felt very confused. Why? Because these medication side effects are confusing! You can have a medication that lists both diarrhea and constipation as potential side effects or both drowsiness and insomnia. How can people experience both of these at the same time? Well, they don’t, but all of the potential side effects listed are all of the side effects experienced during the clinical trials of the drug. So one person may have suffered the side effect of diarrhea and another might have had constipation. One might have become drowsy while another ended up with insomnia….