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Here's a Quick Way to Prevent Medication Errors in Kids

22 Jul: Here’s a Quick Way to Prevent Medication Errors in Kids

Children are in need of medication as much as adults. With teething, fevers, ear aches, infections, and more serious health problems, children often require prescription medication to be administered in the hospital or at home. Often, this is simple over-the-counter (OTC) medication, such as Tylenol, Advil, or children’s Gravol, but sometimes prescription medication is required. Unfortunately, it is all too common for children to receive the wrong dose of medication, giving them too much or too little of what they need. According to Dr. Michael L. Rinke, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in Bronx, New York, and his colleagues, who did a review of the previous studies done on the administration of medication and the filling of prescriptions,…

23 Jun: Pharmacy 101: antibiotic resistance and medication errors

In this informative lecture video from the “Pharmacy 101” class at the University of California-San Francisco, Joe Guglielmo, professor of clinical pharmacy, explores antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Then (at about the 30-minute mark), Lorie Rice discusses problems with medication errors. If you think college lectures are dry, you won’t be interested. But it’s geared for a lay audience — so if you want to learn more on these topics from some very knowledgeable people, please check it out.