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15 Apr: Pharmacy Spotlight: Canada Drugs United

There are many different medical conditions out there, and many medications that people have to take in order to cope with these issues. Unfortunately, prescription medications are often very expensive, so that people sometimes even have to sacrifice their health because they do not have the money to pay for what will make them well or at least alleviate their symptoms. However, there is a solution for people who need medication but cannot afford even generic medication at their local pharmacies. Canada Drugs United is a great online store for anyone who needs Canadian and international meds that are affordable. Whether a person is looking for generic drugs or brand drug, this online store will enable them to have their…

How to Get Coupons on Prescription Drugs

11 Jul: How to Get Coupons on Prescription Drugs

All you coupon clippers out there take notice: there are now coupons for prescription drugs. They have been out there but no one wants you to know how to get coupons on prescription drugs. The battle raging between the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry has so far produced only the insured as casualties. Pharmaceutical companies, though, have launched a plan to help them and they are fighting tooth and nail for it. That’s refreshing, isn’t it? What Coupons? Have you heard TV and radio commercials for a prescription drug? After the list of side effects (if you can hear that fast), the announcer goes on to say that if you can’t afford your medicine the pharmaceutical company may be…