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Memory Function a Reason to Simplify Your Medication Regimen

14 Jan: Memory Function a Reason to Simplify Your Medication Regimen

  Previously, we talked about medication adherence in broad terms. In fact, we discussed how it isn’t simply a case of not remembering to take prescribed medication, that there are many factors that contribute to non-adherence. While this is true, we need to backtrack a little because a person’s memory does play a role in medication adherence. How Your Memory Works We remember information in pieces. As discussed in a recent Forbes article, a young person with a fully functioning working memory (the memory that is used when we are conducting mental tasks, such as problem solving) can remember 3 to 5 pieces of information at a time. As we age, our ability to remember information declines. This means the maximum capacity…

Medication Adherence Isn’t Just About Memory

02 Dec: Medication Adherence Isn’t Just About Memory

When we picture someone taking medication frequently, even on a daily basis, we often think of the elderly. We also tend to think of this age group when we think of medication adherence. However, its not just the elderly that have a problem with adherence to medication. Anyone who is taking medication for a chronic condition or illness is reliant of daily medication. This includes people who take Metformin or Amaryl for the treatment of diabetes, those who take Ridaura or Imuran to treat rheumatoid arthritis, or those who take daily Lipitor or Crestor to manage their cholesterol levels. People of any age can take these medications and any of these people can have trouble adhering to their daily regimen…

Change In Pill Color and Shape Could Have Killer Consequences

30 Jul: Change In Pill Color and Shape Could Have Killer Consequences

  Many people take medications daily. The elderly, in particular, tend to take multiple pills per day. These people depend on these pills, but they also depend on their routine and being able to depend on knowing which pill is which. So what happens when a pill is changed? What happens when the color or shape of a pill changes? How much of a difference does this really make? It might surprise you to know, that these changes can turn a drug that is supposed to improve their health into something that is deadly. The Generic Problem Many brand name medications have lost their patent protection over the years, leading to the development of generic equivalents to a drug. Now,…