What is Medi-Share and How Does It Work?

02 Apr: What is Medi-Share and How Does It Work?

Despite what most people may think, Medi-Share is not like an insurance policy. Health insurance is a policy that comes with a contractual agreement, entitling you to pay for your medical bills. On the other hand, Medi-Share revolves in the concept of members sharing their medical bills. This is done on a non-guaranteed basis. The concept also involves trusting God to supply during their times of need by means of the charitable gifts of other Christians. Medi-Share is a Christian health insurance alternative. What Makes Medi-Share Exceptional? Medi-Share has been working to provide its members the assistance they need through the concept of sharing and helping one another. There are four main factors that make Medi-Share exceptional. Medi-Share Has Been…