Matthew Holt

05 Mar: Why Health 2.0 is able to bring real reform to healthcare system

I’m just back from San Diego, where Matthew Holt’s second Health 2.0 conference finished up on Tuesday evening. Some of the things I found interesting about the conference: There weren’t many doctors there. There were a few — some of them, like a brilliant young visionary named Dr. Jay Parkinson, doing remarkable things. But he was one of a handful in attendance. (Erick and Linda from PharmaSurveyor wore some cool mad-scientist lab coats at Monday’s cocktail party — but they aren’t physicians.) There weren’t many big healthcare players there, either. Sure, Johnson & Johnson was a sponsor, but the vibe was a little like GM’s interest in the electric car; do they really want to help lead this movement —…

03 Mar: Health 2.0 Spring Fling is here!

We’re delighted to be a sponsor and participant in Matthew Holt’s Health 2.0 conference in San Diego today and tomorrow. Though I won’t be able to attend, Scott Baradell — a strategic advisor who has worked closely with me since our company’s founding — will represent at the event. Scott will be introducing the panel “Health 2.0: The future user experience?” moderated by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and featuring panelists including: Thomas Goetz, Wired Esther Dyson, EDventure David Kibbe, MD, AAFP Doug Solomon, IDEO Scott Shreeve, MD, Crossover Healthcare Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine Scott has promised to blog about his experience when he gets back.

28 Jan: Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya discuss the companies to watch in 2008

Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya are the chief organizers of the Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and Providers conference, which will take place March 3-4 in San Diego. Matthew is a healthcare strategist and author of perhaps the industry’s most influential blog, The Health Care Blog. Indu is an MD and founder of Etude Scientific, which consults with healthcare and life science companies on new ventures. This is our fifth published interview in our series leading up to the event. So far, we’ve talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health , Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, Fard Johnmar of HealthcareVox, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of Think-Health and the Health Populi blog. Here’s our interview with Matthew and Indu: Q: In our interview with…

22 Jan: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: “Transparency can drive out poor providers”

In our interview series leading up to the Health 2.0 conference in March, we’ve talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health , Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, and Fard Johnmar of HealthcareVox. Today we share our interview with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist and management consultant who founded the Think-Health consultancy in 1992. She is author of the Health Populi blog and a member of the Health 2.0 conference advisory board. Q: In our interview with Scott Shreeve, he offered an expansive definition of Health 2.0. Matthew Holt’s definition has been narrower. What’s your definition of “Health 2.0”? A: The phrase “Health 2.0” has become somewhat loaded with marketing hype, even since the San Francisco conference. When it comes to defining…

18 Jan: Fard Johnmar: “The first step is to decide what to change”

So far in our interview series leading up to the March Health 2.0 conference, we have talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health and Ed Silverman of Pharmalot. Today we share our discussion with Fard Johnmar, founder of Envision Solutions and author of HealthcareVox. Q: When you write about the Health 2.0 movement, you tend to put “movement” in quotation marks — as if Health 2.0 WANTS to be a movement, but really isn’t one yet. Why not? A: Let me clarify my intent. First, the term “Health 2.0” is one that has generated come controversy, mainly because some wonder what “Health 1.0” is and whether appending “2.0” to health has any significance. I’ve spoken with Matthew Holt about this….

13 Dec: Interview with Scott Shreeve: “Transparency will prove transformative”

In anticipation of the Health 2.0 “Connecting Consumers and Providers” conference in March, we are excited to announce that we are conducting a series of interviews with some of the top figures in the Health 2.0 movement (as well as some skeptics and other industry observers) for publication on the eDrugSearch Blog. Our intent is to run one interview per week between now and the end of February, for a total of 12 interviews. Our goal is to extend awareness and discussion of Health 2.0 to a new audience — those who visit the eDrugSearch Blog either as prescription-drug consumers, Healthcare 100 bloggers, or others who may not to this point have gotten directly involved in the Health 2.0 conversation….

11 Nov: The Health 2.0 Blog Gives Voice to a Movement

Over the last week we’ve been a little slow on posting, but we are busy with lots of good things here at eDrugSearch. However, we had to take some time out to mention the launch of the new Health 2.0 Blog by the talented Indu Subaiya and the author of “The Health Care Blog” Matthew Holt. We are particularly excited about this new blog that builds on the great work of Johannes Ernst with his Health2.0 wiki. The best part of the blog is that it will be collaborative, which is the name of the game for Health 2.0.  We are particularly excited about this since in the near future eDrugSearch plans to add a little to the Health 2.0 movement. Here is what…

10 Oct: Health 2.0, here we come!

Health 2.0 companies can be defined as “companies who use enabling Web 2.0 technologies, within the context of current healthcare reform environment, to aggregate information, analyze data, and advise consumers on how to make rational healthcare decisions based on value.” Health 2.0 players include health portals like RevolutionHealth, healthcare communities like Psych Central, health advisory services like HealthGrades, comparative health sites like RateMDs, and many others that you can find in this directory. Soon, will expand its services to make a splash in Health 2.0 in a BIG way. But that’s all I can tell you for now. Stay tuned.