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A Christian-Based Online Health Community is Just Waiting for You

06 May: A New Christian-Based Online Health Community is Just Waiting for You!

The world of health care is vast, sometimes unpredictable, and nearly always unnerving.  There is so much information out there, so much to know, and so many people in whom you have to put your trust and even your very life.  When facing it on your own, it can seem overwhelming.  Fortunately, can help.  Not only do we help you find the medication you need at a lower cost, we also offer the support of an entire community of people just like you. Sharing and Caring We are inspired by others.  It is important that you are able to connect with people who are going through similar situations, people who share the same values that you hold dear.  Our…

12 Jan: New report touts benefits of health social networks

Fard Johnmar of Envision Solutions has produced a new report designed to facilitate communication between health organizations and social networkers. We were fortunate to be among the Web sites profiled in the study and got a sneak peek at it last week. As always with Fard’s work, the report is thoughtful and well-documented. In introducing the report, Fard [pictured] is also hosting a Webinar on January 29 at noon Central. Learn more — and sign up! — here.

03 Dec: Q&A with Dr. Peter Rost,’s choice for FDA commissioner

It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that we are delighted about the prospect of a new FDA commissioner in 2009 — one who we hope will put the interests of the people above those of large pharmaceutical companies. We have also been pleasantly surprised to see the groundswell of public support for Pfizer whistleblower Dr. Peter Rost for the FDA’s top job. A clear industry outsider like Dr. Rost might seem a longshot to ultimately win the job — but then again, Obama was a longshot to win the presidency. And there are these three hopeful signs: 1. Dr. Rost is blowing away the competition in the voting at John Mack’s influential Pharma Marketing Blog….

29 Jul: Follow on Twitter

We’ve started a Twitter account and would love for you to follow us. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s a social network built around a kind of mini-blogging or group IM tool that allows you to leave messages of up to 140 characters. Some of our favorite bloggers like John Mack, Jack Friday and Matthew Holt are already using it, so we thought we’d try it out, too. You can follow us here:

04 Apr: Michael Brown Is the Man!

One of the things I’ve learned since I began blogging about health and medicine in November 2006 is that online discussion and debate helps people make better decisions. As I’ve become involved in the Health 2.0 movement, I’ve reached the much larger conclusion that this movement is going to transform the entire healthcare system. Why? Because Health 2.0 tools and communities help people to make better healthcare choices — thus becoming smarter consumers. We created a comparison drug search engine, and then a social network, on our site so our members could make smarter buying decisions. One of the main reasons that people who use our site make better decisions is that, by coming to before making a purchase,…

17 Mar: The FDA can’t protect you; this is why you need to protect yourself

In an article today excoriating the FDA for its regulation of prescription drugs, the New York Times reports: The Institute of Medicine, the Government Accountability Office and the F.D.A.’s own Science Board have all issued reports saying poor management and scientific inadequacies make the agency incapable of protecting the country against unsafe drugs, medical devices and food. Indeed, in the years since the last China drug scandal [in 1999], the share of drugs coming from that country has soared while the F.D.A.’s inspections of overseas drug plants have dropped. There are 566 plants in China that export drugs to the United States, but the agency inspected just 13 of them last year. The agency does not have the money to…

05 Mar: Why Health 2.0 is able to bring real reform to healthcare system

I’m just back from San Diego, where Matthew Holt’s second Health 2.0 conference finished up on Tuesday evening. Some of the things I found interesting about the conference: There weren’t many doctors there. There were a few — some of them, like a brilliant young visionary named Dr. Jay Parkinson, doing remarkable things. But he was one of a handful in attendance. (Erick and Linda from PharmaSurveyor wore some cool mad-scientist lab coats at Monday’s cocktail party — but they aren’t physicians.) There weren’t many big healthcare players there, either. Sure, Johnson & Johnson was a sponsor, but the vibe was a little like GM’s interest in the electric car; do they really want to help lead this movement —…

03 Mar: Health 2.0 Spring Fling is here!

We’re delighted to be a sponsor and participant in Matthew Holt’s Health 2.0 conference in San Diego today and tomorrow. Though I won’t be able to attend, Scott Baradell — a strategic advisor who has worked closely with me since our company’s founding — will represent at the event. Scott will be introducing the panel “Health 2.0: The future user experience?” moderated by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and featuring panelists including: Thomas Goetz, Wired Esther Dyson, EDventure David Kibbe, MD, AAFP Doug Solomon, IDEO Scott Shreeve, MD, Crossover Healthcare Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine Scott has promised to blog about his experience when he gets back.

28 Feb: Online Health Community in Pharma Marketing News

John Mack is The Mack, as far as covering the world of pharmaceutical marketing goes. So we’re honored that John decided to profile the Community in the February 2008 edition of Pharma Marketing News. The story is called “Prescription Drugs and the Health 2.0 Opportunity; the pdf here provides more detailed coverage. In talking with John for the story, I told him that we hope our new community will attract pharma marketers who want to learn more about what consumers are talking about today. Who knows — maybe a few drug reps and others will join in the fun, although John isn’t optimistic about this prospect. He writes: Much as pharmaceutical marketers may wish to engage consumers in discussion…

27 Feb: eDrugSearch is a network for consumers who buy prescription drugs online

Since our founding a little over a year ago, has prided itself on being a trusted search engine for U.S. consumers seeking medications from international pharmacies. We’ve gotten some nice attention for this achievement and have attracted a loyal base of users. Now, we’re ready to become something more — specifically, the leading social network for prescription drug consumers. Why a social network for online drug buyers? Prescription drug consumers have shown significant interest in social networks on general health sites, indicating — we think — an unmet demand for a niche community. Drug consumers relish the opportunity to share their experiences with one another. These individuals are increasingly turning to each other, and other data points on the…

20 Feb: Interview with Unity Stoakes; “Changing the face of Healthcare”

Unity Stoakes is co-founder and president of OrganizedWisdom Health, a new specialized search engine that is “on a mission to organize the world’s best health wisdom.” Unity will be in attendance at the Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and Providers conference, which will take place March 3-4 in San Diego. This is our sixth published interview in our series leading up to the event. So far, we’ve talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health , Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, Fard Johnmar of HealthcareVox, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of Think-Health and the Health Populi blog, and Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya, the organizers of the event. Here’s our interview with Unity: Q: In our talk with Scott Shreeve, he offered an expansive definition of…

04 Feb: A Digg for pharma news

From Germany comes this press release: World Pharma News project is launching a Web 2.0 pharmaceutical news platform, named as well World Pharma News but with attached ‘.net’ extension. Web 2.0 generally represents knowledge-oriented social-networking platforms focused first of all on collaborative approaches. “We know that it is a very ambitious initiative but we trust in the power and in the flexibility of the coming Web 2.0 pharmaceutical solutions/interfaces, we sincerely hope that in the nearest future the term ‘Pharma 2.0’ will sound as well appropriate as the terms Web 2.0 or Health 2.0”, assumed World Pharma News .net administrator. World Pharma News .net, by being based on the well known open source software, is following the Web 2.0 strategy…

28 Jan: Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya discuss the companies to watch in 2008

Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya are the chief organizers of the Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and Providers conference, which will take place March 3-4 in San Diego. Matthew is a healthcare strategist and author of perhaps the industry’s most influential blog, The Health Care Blog. Indu is an MD and founder of Etude Scientific, which consults with healthcare and life science companies on new ventures. This is our fifth published interview in our series leading up to the event. So far, we’ve talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health , Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, Fard Johnmar of HealthcareVox, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of Think-Health and the Health Populi blog. Here’s our interview with Matthew and Indu: Q: In our interview with…

22 Jan: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: “Transparency can drive out poor providers”

In our interview series leading up to the Health 2.0 conference in March, we’ve talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health , Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, and Fard Johnmar of HealthcareVox. Today we share our interview with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, a health economist and management consultant who founded the Think-Health consultancy in 1992. She is author of the Health Populi blog and a member of the Health 2.0 conference advisory board. Q: In our interview with Scott Shreeve, he offered an expansive definition of Health 2.0. Matthew Holt’s definition has been narrower. What’s your definition of “Health 2.0”? A: The phrase “Health 2.0” has become somewhat loaded with marketing hype, even since the San Francisco conference. When it comes to defining…

18 Jan: Fard Johnmar: “The first step is to decide what to change”

So far in our interview series leading up to the March Health 2.0 conference, we have talked with Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health and Ed Silverman of Pharmalot. Today we share our discussion with Fard Johnmar, founder of Envision Solutions and author of HealthcareVox. Q: When you write about the Health 2.0 movement, you tend to put “movement” in quotation marks — as if Health 2.0 WANTS to be a movement, but really isn’t one yet. Why not? A: Let me clarify my intent. First, the term “Health 2.0” is one that has generated come controversy, mainly because some wonder what “Health 1.0” is and whether appending “2.0” to health has any significance. I’ve spoken with Matthew Holt about this….

16 Jan: Will Health 2.0 eliminate the need for prescriptions?

I stumbled upon this funny but surprisingly persuasive YouTube video, which argues (through the use of a PUPPET SHOW) that all medications should be available without prescriptions. Please, watch all five minutes of it. It’s worth it. While the term “Health 2.0” is not specifically mentioned, the video’s argument essentially is this: Consumers are increasingly equipped to make intelligent decisions about the drugs they buy — without a doctor’s help.

19 Dec: Ed Silverman: “Big Pharma will have to communicate more openly”

Pharma blogger Ed Silverman is a pretty unique animal — a newspaper journalist (for the Star-Ledger of New Jersey) who is actively engaged in the blogosphere. Ed conceded that he hasn’t reported much on Health 2.0 yet — largely because Big Pharma hasn’t done much in this area — but he was nice enough to answer a few of our questions. Q: How do you define Health 2.0? As a journalist, how do you separate the reality from the hype? A: In a perfect world, I see it as one big basket of interactive info coupled with meaningful discussion. Right now, though, I see a disjointed process for gathering or disseminating data. As they say in Texas, you can’t fool…

13 Dec: Interview with Scott Shreeve: “Transparency will prove transformative”

In anticipation of the Health 2.0 “Connecting Consumers and Providers” conference in March, we are excited to announce that we are conducting a series of interviews with some of the top figures in the Health 2.0 movement (as well as some skeptics and other industry observers) for publication on the eDrugSearch Blog. Our intent is to run one interview per week between now and the end of February, for a total of 12 interviews. Our goal is to extend awareness and discussion of Health 2.0 to a new audience — those who visit the eDrugSearch Blog either as prescription-drug consumers, Healthcare 100 bloggers, or others who may not to this point have gotten directly involved in the Health 2.0 conversation….

28 Nov: Revolution Health Rumored to Acquire More Health 2.0 Companies

It looks like acquisitions continue in the Health 2.0 area. ValleyWag says that Revolution Health will announce later this week its plans to acquire fitness planning Web site SparkPeople and either acquire or settle for a majority investment in HealthTalk, another health information site. Steve Case’s property recently tightened its belt when it laid off 60 workers in late October. A Valleywag tipster told them that the only revenue generator the company had was its CarePages unit, a community Website it acquired. So it looks like they are evolving their business model through acquisition.  Interesting.

28 Nov: Is Patient Privacy Just an Illusion?

Government Healthcare IT interviewed Dr. Deborah Peel, the leader of Patient Privacy Rights. In the podcast she says that Microsoft’s HealthVault concept, which would allow a consumer control over their health information, is better than the data mining approach that others have recommended.  HealthVault also has external auditors to ensure privacy. It’s certainly worth a listen for those that are closely following patient privacy. We are very interested in how this HealthVault concept will play out in the expanding Health 2.0 environment.  It certainly seems to empower people to have full control over their healthcare information, but we are a little skeptical that such a system should be controlled by one company. We can hear it now, “That’s Dr. Microsoft to…

21 Nov: Health 2.0 Goes Beyond Borders and Self-Serving Interests

GigaOm invited guest blogger René Seifert, an entrepreneur in Europe & India, to discuss the Health 2.0 trend in Germany. As companies such as Google (GOOG) ready their Health 2.0 plans, numerous German firms are promising to bring more online transparency to that country?s notoriously over-regulated health care market. Incumbents with strong content portals like Netdoktor or Onmeda, which are comparable to WebMD in the U.S., have been around for years. Recently, however, new entrants have begun looking to capitalize on web 2.0 principles for health care as well. Dr.Uri Ginzburg, who writes the Medical 2.0 blog commented on Seifert’s post saying that the mere fact that GigaOm is focusing on this trend shows that the sector is growing. Well, maybe…

20 Nov: Steve Case Announces that Revolution Health Wins Award

Online healthcare sites are getting hot.  Witness Steve Case, who left AOL and started RevolutionHealth.  Today Steve announced that the site took home a couple of eHealthcare Leadership Awards. “ was just awarded the Best Overall Health Internet Site by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards – and also took home high honors for Best Health Content and Best Overall Design.” The recipients seem a bit pharma-heavy, so we were glad to see consumer-focused RevolutionHealth in the winners circle. It seems the award is well-deserved, and doing some research, I came across two posts by Allen Searls, who may have coined the term Health 2.0.  He writes about it here in his now defunct Wondiring blog in 2005, a company that was acquired by Revolution…

19 Nov: Defining Health 2.0: It’s All About the Consumer

Frankie Dolan has a great post about the definition of Health 2.0 and how it differs from Medicine 2.0. “I have come to think of Health 2.0 websites as being those that provide services geared towards the consumer, and Medicine 2.0 those geared towards services for the medical professional” eDrugSearch is directed at the consumer, so by Frankie’s definition we are a Health 2.0 company.  And a good thing too since I have a real passion for using technology to empower the consumer. What do you think would make a good Health 2.0 application for consumers?  What is missing out there?

11 Nov: The Health 2.0 Blog Gives Voice to a Movement

Over the last week we’ve been a little slow on posting, but we are busy with lots of good things here at eDrugSearch. However, we had to take some time out to mention the launch of the new Health 2.0 Blog by the talented Indu Subaiya and the author of “The Health Care Blog” Matthew Holt. We are particularly excited about this new blog that builds on the great work of Johannes Ernst with his Health2.0 wiki. The best part of the blog is that it will be collaborative, which is the name of the game for Health 2.0.  We are particularly excited about this since in the near future eDrugSearch plans to add a little to the Health 2.0 movement. Here is what…

10 Oct: Health 2.0, here we come!

Health 2.0 companies can be defined as “companies who use enabling Web 2.0 technologies, within the context of current healthcare reform environment, to aggregate information, analyze data, and advise consumers on how to make rational healthcare decisions based on value.” Health 2.0 players include health portals like RevolutionHealth, healthcare communities like Psych Central, health advisory services like HealthGrades, comparative health sites like RateMDs, and many others that you can find in this directory. Soon, will expand its services to make a splash in Health 2.0 in a BIG way. But that’s all I can tell you for now. Stay tuned.

12 Sep: Pharmaceutical Marketing Online: Stuck in Web 1.5

Check out the new report by eMarketer. Says analyst Lisa Phillips: Consumers are all over the Internet looking for health information, typically visiting two or three health sites when they go online … They find more information from search engines than television ads, and they trust the Internet more than friends and family for information on prescription drugs. Unfortunately, they generally don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry.

27 Aug: Taking the pulse of the healthcare blogosphere

It’s time for the second-annual healthcare blogosphere survey by Fard Johnmar and colleagues. Here are the details, from the news release: — Envision Solutions, LLC and Trusted.MD Network Launch Second Comprehensive Study of Global Healthcare Blogging Community The “Taking the Pulse of the Healthcare Blogosphere” survey tracks the demographics and opinions of healthcare bloggers from around the world. New York, NY (August 27, 2007) Today, Envision Solutions, LLC ( and Trusted.MD Network ( launched the second edition of the “Taking the Pulse of the Healthcare Blogosphere” survey. This annual poll gathers comprehensive opinion and demographic data from the global community of healthcare bloggers. The 2007 edition of the survey will run from August 27 to October 15. It is open…