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Pay LESS than Your $10 Co-pay for Many Generic Medications!

05 Nov: Pay LESS than Your $10 Co-pay for Many Generic Medications!

  There is an illusion out there that we all subscribe to that insurance saves us money on all of our medication costs. This is NOT the truth. Approximately 20% of Americans take at least five prescription medications per day. In addition, as much as 86% of all prescriptions filled in the U.S. are for generic medications and dozens of these drugs can be bought for less than the insurance co-pay that most people pay. WRAL News Investigates recently aired a segment in which Renee Chou reported on how many pharmacies are charging the $10 co-pay even when generic medications cost less. Are You Getting Ripped Off? If your monthly co-pay is $10, then that seems reasonable. After all, $10…

Generic Prices Are Going Up

05 Aug: Generic Prices Are Going Up . . . Say It Ain’t So!

  Generic medications have long been known to be the cheaper alternative for those people struggling with the cost of medication. Generic medications have come about with the expiration of brand name patents, allowing many drug companies to produce generic medications that are every bit as effective as their brand name counterparts at a fraction of the cost. However, the tides are turning and some generic medications are becoming more and more expensive, making the once affordable alternatives out of reach for some people who simply cannot afford the cost. Cause of Generic Prices Going Up Supply and demand most certainly plays a role in the increase in generic drug prices, with those medications that are in high demand winning…