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06 Jun: How to Use an Epipen to Treat Allergic Reactions Fast

EpiPens are an emergency life-saving device. Knowing how to use one is sometimes the only way to prevent death from sudden, anaphylactic shock. Even if you don’t have allergies, you can use this knowledge to save others. If you don’t know how to use an EpiPen, read on and we’ll teach you. We’ll tell you the warning signs of anaphylactic shock, detailed steps for how to administer an EpiPen, possible side effects and other tips for EpiPen use. Study this guide and be prepared for an anaphylactic emergency. When to Use an EpiPen Before you learn how to use an EpiPen, know when to use it. Here are the warning signs of anaphylaxis: Pale skin Hoarseness Chest tightness Red, flushed…

How To Afford EpiPen

27 Aug: EpiPen Epidemic: Here’s How To Afford EpiPens Now That They’re $600

EpiPen—a drug produced by Mylan pharmaceutical has been recently increased by 400% since 2007. With everyone talking about the Epipen price increase, few seem to be addressing a solution to this Epipen epidemic, until now… Here’s How To Afford EpiPens Now That They’re $600 EpiPen Alternatives If you don’t mind using an alternative an easy solution is to find a lower priced alternatives, such as: Adrenaclick – this drug has 0.3 mg per dose for the adults and 0.15 mg per dose for the children, contents that are similar to those of EpiPen. This makes Adrenaclick a perfect alternative. Epinephrine (an authorized generic) – this drug has similar contents to EpiPen and Adrenaclick, including 0.3 mg per dose for adults and 0.15 mg…