drug reimportation

23 Aug: Honestly, David Vitter, we like your thinking

We’re written before about U.S. Senator David Vitter’s quixotic fight to legalize the purchase of Canadian drugs by Americans — long after the battle over reimportation has been lost in a thick haze of Big Pharma backroom bargaining with the White House. Last week, Vitter — a Republican — took some heat from liberals by explaining at a town hall meeting that he hoped to de-stabilize pricing in Canada and other countries with “socialized medicine” by legalizing reimportation. The Daily Kos ripped Vitter, saying: His reason for supporting re-importation is solely predicated on the notion that if enough Americans partake, it might wreck Canada’s system … Despite the lack of plausibility in his “logic”, Vitter now claims the clubhouse lead…

07 Jan: If you want to fix the healthcare system, don’t vote for Mitt Romney

Just watch this exchange between John McCain and Mitt Romney in the most recent New Hampshire debate over drug reimportation and the power of Big Pharma. It’s clear that if Romney is elected, he’ll do nothing to reform our broken healthcare system. To say big drug companies are “doing the work of the free market” but to support protectionism so they won’t have to face competition is patently hypocritical.