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Can America Health Thyself? Cover

03 Feb: Can America Health Thyself? [Infographic]

Americans who do not practice or affiliate with any religion is growing—and rapidly. At the same time, Americans are more medicated than ever before and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Normal and prescribed drug use is ok and can help people with afflictions in many ways. However, substance abuse is on the rise. Clergy are taking note at America’s need to depend on Christ for healing and research has shown that those who regularly attend religious services are much more inclined to use prescription drugs safely, as they were intended to be used. The cost of substance abuse is astronomical. The cost in crime, illness, deaths, and medical costs should be enough to scare anyone sober. For those…

Celebrity Drug Overdoses

23 Jan: 12 Accidental Celebrity Prescription Drug Deaths

  Heath Ledger could be the latest star to have died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. Ledger was taking anti-depressants as well as the “dangerous drug” Ambien at the time of his death, although his autopsy today was inconclusive. While most celebrity overdoses have been the result of either suicide or the use of illegal drugs, a surprising number of stars have died by accident — from medications you can purchase at the corner pharmacy. Here’s a list of accidental celebrity drug deaths: 1.) MARILYN MONROE. Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” died from an overdose of sleeping pills — specifically, Nembutal and chloral hydrate . Although Monroe’s death was officially listed as a suicide in 1962, many forensic…