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What Expired Drugs Are Lurking In Your Medicine Cabinet?

01 Jul: What Expired Drugs Are Lurking In Your Medicine Cabinet?

  It’s probably close to a guarantee that you have expired drugs of some sort sitting in your medicine cabinet. Perhaps it’s in your first aid kit or hiding in the bottom of your purse. Whether it’s something as simple as Tylenol or Polysporin or some antidepressant, such as Effexor, that you forgot was in your medicine cabinet, you are sure to have some medications lurking around that are past their date. The thing is that these expired medications can be more dangerous to you than expired food sitting in your refrigerator. What That Expiry Date Means The expiry date placed on medications indicates it is the last day that the drug is expected to have full potency. It is also…

How to Dispose of Expired Medications Safely

25 Jul: How to Dispose of Expired Medications Safely

There have been increasing reports recently that have discovered trace levels of prescription and over-the-counter medications in the drinking water supply of cities all over the nation. The water most likely received these levels from both drugs that were excreted as well as from drugs being flushed down the toilet. Following these findings, the FDA has issued guidelines on how to properly dispose of expired or unused drugs. Unfortunately, many people are still unsure of how to dispose of expired medications safely. Below are the 3 main methods of how to get rid of drugs that are lying around the house safely and effectively. How to Dispose of Expired Medications: Remove the pills from their original bottle. Crush the pills…