26 Apr: Diabetes Medication Roundup

Diabetes has been a growing problem over recent years. More than likely you or someone you know has been affected by diabetes in one way or another. A report today by stated that 45 percent of adults have diagnosed or undiagnosed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. It is important to know what kind of medication you or your loved one is taking when it comes to diabetes, so we will do a quick rundown of the most popular diabetes drugs and how they work. Actos Oral Actos is an anti-diabetic drug that is prescribed along with a proper diet and exercise program in order to control high blood sugar in patients that suffer from type 2 diabetes….

26 Oct: Save money on popular meds as they go generic in 2010

We’re nearing the end of the year, and many people are already in open enrollment for next year’s health coverage, which means it is a great time to plan ahead for your 2010 drug expenditures. No, you can’t know every medication you are going to need, but if you are on a popular, patented maintenance drug such as Lipitor or Cozaar, you’ll be pleased to hear that their patents are expiring in 2010, opening the field for more-affordable U.S. generic versions. In the meantime, as you do your research, you will see that many are already available as generics, manufactured outside of the U.S. There is usually a considerable cost savings. Here are all the details of some of the…