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The Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment

07 Oct: The Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment

The past Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a segment “The Cost of Cancer Drugs” in which Leslie Stahl got down to the core of the high drug prices and the financial toxicity of cancer treatment. The focus was on drugs used in the treatment of cancer and how they are getting more and more expensive each time a new drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and released for use by the public. This isn’t the first time the high prices of these cancer drugs have been brought up as an important issue. There are a number of medical experts and doctors from around the globe who have been vocal about their concerns of the high costs of…

07 Aug: Novartis patent bid rejected in India

An Indian court has rejected Novartis’ challenge of a law that denies patent protection to drugs that are only minor improvements to earlier drugs. Novartis’ challenge came after the Indian government allowed drug companies to make generic versions of the cancer drug Gleevec. This is great news for consumers — both because it enables more people in the Third World to have access to affordable drugs, and because it encourages companies like Novartis to focus their R&D money on real innovation, rather than wasting valuable research dollars on gaming the system to extend patents. More from Ed at Pharmalot.