natural blackhead removal

06 Apr: Natural Blackhead Removal: Easily Unclog Your Pores With These 7 Remedies

Blackheads are frustrating, embarrassing, and difficult to remove. A popular myth about the cause of blackheads is that they are due to dirty skin. However, a build-up of dead skin cells and extra oil is the actual cause. Since most people believe blackheads are a result of dirt on the skin, many people try to get rid of them by washing their face too much. This approach can actually lead to more blackheads since over-washing dries out the skin and encourages more pore-clogging oil to form. 7 Best Natural Blackhead Removal Remedies Fortunately, the following seven natural blackhead removal remedies can help your skin look fresh and clear—fast. As with anything, you should be careful not to use these remedies too…