Super Bowl ads too pricey for Big Pharma?

From MediaBuyerPlanner:

Some advertisers admittedly avoided the Super Bowl last year because of the high price tag and the unswervingly critical eye the media and the public place upon Super Bowl ad creative. This year, even some of those advertisers who have purchased ads during the big game are avoiding pre-game hype, writes AdAge.

The majority of the 13 advertisers who will advertise, such as AIG, FedEx, CareerBuilder, GoDaddy, Honda, Snickers, Nationwide Insurance and Taco Bell, have been quiet about their purchase (though it’s difficult to believe that GoDaddy will remain mum), while not a single pharmaceutical, movie-studio or telecom brand has publicly announced its presence.

Well, if Big Pharma doesn’t come through on Super Bowl Sunday, you can always get your fix on the network evening news.

(Hat tip: NFL-Scores)

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