Do You Have Knee Pain?

Whether you have recently been in an accident or it is the result of a lot of use, knee pain can be crippling, inhibiting your ability to do the tasks you were once able to do so easily.

Many people struggle with this and end up having expensive surgery in order to allow them the flexibility needed to complete their daily tasks.

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However, sometimes knee replacement is not necessary or other options may be available in order to help restore functionality.

New Stretch for Knee Pain

If you are someone who is looking to turn back the hands of time and make your knee feel new again, there is a simple exercise by Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up, that will help you achieve that goal.

How to Stretch Your Knee

All you need is a small towel or a soft piece of clothing to wedge in between your leg.


  • Bring the towel directly behind your knee and close your leg.
  • Then bring the leg up onto the surface you are sitting on.
  • Next, simply contract and relax the muscles in your leg.
  • You should feel the joint space loosen up and a decrease in pain.
  • Watch the video below for more visual instructions.

Restoring Quality

Knee pain can be a big detriment to daily life and can cause us to lose some of the quality that we have grown to expect.

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With this exercise you can reduce pain and feel young again!

Please share this new knee stretch will all your friends!