Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt Energy Drink

I saw this over at Healthbolt and it was just too funny to pass up. Next up for an energy drink — Chuck Norris.

You know what’s adorable? Steven Seagal hawking his juices. Someone sent this to me a while back and I kinda can’t believe I almost forgot to share Steven’s juicy power with the world! (The shame, the shame. And here we were making so much progress.)

“It’s time for the Steven Seagal Experience! There is no telling what will happen once you get his juices inside you! Massive explosions, intense hand to hand combat, speaking in cryptic monotone dialog, who knows? So quaff your very own Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt Energy Drink today, and get ready for the extreme!”

According to the official site, Steven Seagal’s energy drink is “unique as the man who created it”. This chia chug contains Tibetan Goji berries, guarana, yerba mate, Asian cordyceps, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, B vitamins, and green tea. It’s actually a healthy formula (yes, I just said that).

Is there anything everyone’s favorite CIA operative cannot do?

Finally, he shares the source of his powers: Lightning Bolt Energy Drink. Get his juices inside you.

Here’s some funny YouTube videos I couldn’t resist sharing . . . Enjoy!

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