Michael Moore’s new documentary on the U.S. healthcare system debuted at Cannes Saturday and was well-received:

“Sicko” was met with considerable applause after its first showing here in Cannes, the audience also clapping during some key moments in the movie. It opens with brief snapshots of Americans without healthcare, but as Moore quickly notes in a voiceover, this film is about the “250 million who have health insurance, those of you who are living the American dream…”

“It is my PROFOUND hope that people will listen this time with this film, because I don’t want to ten or twenty years before we have universal health coverage in America and I don’t want to wait ten or twenty years before we as Americans take a look into our soul so that we can become better citizens in this world.”

Here’s a brief excerpt from the film:

Kevin, M.D., by the way, is less than impressed by the flick’s recommendations.

Oh, and John, did you ever get your invitation?