SiCKO looking pretty healthy at the box office

The New York Times reported that Michael Moore’s SiCKO grossed $4.5 million on 441 screens in its opening weekend. Despite only showing on about half as many screens as Moore’s blockbuster Fahrenheit 9/11, SiCKO still managed to pull off the second-best documentary debut.

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I’m also against socializing medicine. Whats funny is seeing pharmaceutical companies say they are taking a capitalistic stand, and protesting about government free business trade, but do everything they can to stop cross border trade for prescription drug products allowing other companies outside of the US to enter the market. You will never witness anything more hypocritical then that.

That’s the true irony. The very same politicians who say they are against socialism and government handouts ignore the fact that that’s the very system they’ve allowed Big Pharma to create — only corporations and their shareholders, rather than individuals who are sick, receive the benefits.

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