Apparently, it isn’t enough for Sally Field to do commercials for Boniva — now she’s pimping it on Martha Stewart’s show. John Mack found this description on an online forum:

Sally Field was on [Stewart’s] show today and mentioned that she has osteoporosis and wanted to talk about Bone Health … Sally mentioned medications, and said she takes the once-a-month Boniva. Martha interrupted her to ask if it’s full of vitamins and minerals. Sally said, “No, it’s a treatment.” Martha said, “Reeeally, no minerals?” WTF? Then Sally finally said she wanted to talk about Bone Health again, and again, Martha cut her off for a commercial break … One more segment, Sally has twice said, “I wanna talk about Bone Health,” and Martha just went right back to talking about the flowers they were planting and then asked her about The Flying Nun. Now time’s up, Martha said, “Good luck with the osteoporosis…thing,” and then asked if men can get it. Sally finally got a few seconds to plug…

Hellooo, FDA? FTC? I can’t believe this kind of endorsement (without disclosure) is permitted. Will someone please lock up Sally Field for this deceptive nonsense so we don’t have to watch her on that horrible “Brothers and Sisters” show?

More on celebrity drug money from BrandweekNRX. Oh, and in case you missed Martha, this is pretty much how it went: