Rost vs. Mack, part deux: Love-hate relationship?

You may remember the drama a while back when John Mack confronted Peter Rost over alleged “spamming” by Rost.

In the most recent throwdown, Pharma Giles reports that Rost’s

rigorous bitch-slapping of John Mack’s sneering dismissal of a post by the eminently sane and sensible Ms. Shanley (of “On Pharma” fame) was thoroughly welcome and gave me a good laugh of the “just desserts” variety. Her “crime,” in the Judges’s eyes, was to suggest that CafePharma could maybe do with a “code of conduct.”

Rost’s post, The Howard Stern of drug blogging?, called out John for “his predilection to spin data faster than the drug industry spins PR,” among other sins.

Mack responded by calling Rost (a la Imus) a “lily-white ho.”

I think maybe some of these pharma bloggers have been dipping into the product again. 😉

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