Rost vs. Mack: Let’s get ready to RUM-BLLLLLE!

John Mack and Peter Rost have been at odds the last couple of days over a T-shirt offer Peter sent John. John at the Pharma Blogosphere took the first swing at Peter (author of The WhistleBlower and blog Question Authority) on the post Rost Spams!

Wrote Mack,

Jeez Rost! Enough Already!

First it was the Whistle Blower this and the Whistle Blower that. Now it’s T-shirts, mugs, and branded underwear! Postage stamps too! (Click on the graphic and get a larger view.)

For the love of God, stop it before we explode!

I’m talking about Peter Rost’s Question Authority blog and accessories, which he is now promoting via unsolicited e-mail, aka spam!

Rost, who’s no stranger to blogger battles, fired back, saying

And of course, John knows everything about spamming, considering that there was that little episode a couple of weeks ago, when CafePharma took him to task and deleted his posts, since they considered his messages, well, I guess, spam. You can read about that story in the PharmaRag, under the headline Naughty Boy John Mack at It Again? Or you could read his own post Banned from CafePharma and CafePharma’s response on his blog.

Although both sides have since made nice — John offering an apology and Peter accepting it — I have one question that continues to rankle me.

Where’s MY T-shirt?

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