Provide a free service to your blog readers: Add a drug-search widget

As readers of our blog should know by now, we’re passionate about what we do at

Yes, we’re a for-profit business — or at least we plan to be. (We’re currently generating zero revenues as we work to grow our member base.)

But we’re also on a mission that has nothing to do with making money. We’re fed up with America’s corporate healthcare system — and specifically with Big Pharma’s greed in sucking every last dollar it can from our country’s elderly, working poor, and others who can barely afford to purchase prescription drugs. gives these people an alternative — a place where they can feel safe in searching for lower-cost drugs from licensed pharmacies in countries like Canada, Australia and Israel.

We invite you to join us in our mission. Please consider adding our search-box widget to your blog or Web site so that you can provide a valuable service to your site’s visitors. Here it is:

We hope this feature will have the added benefit of drawing new traffic to your site. We guarantee our search results to be spam- and advertising-free.

And in time — as in, after we start generating revenue — we plan to introduce an affiliate program that will generate proceeds we can share with you.

Please go to this link to learn more and grab the widget code.

Thank you!

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