An average American adult suffers from two to four cases of the cold every year. Children have it worse, averaging six to 10 colds every year.

No wonder then that cough and cold medicine manufacturers make a $10 billion revenue.

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The thing is, these aren’t the only reason for buying medications.

In fact, an average consumer buys over-the-counter medicines more than twice a month. Every year, a household spends about $338 for these OTC drugs. There’s also the $1,112 average spendingfor prescription medicines each year.

It’s likely for these reasons you’re now searching for Planet Drugs Direct reviews. You’ve heard about the online pharmacy, and how it can save you loads with your drug purchases.

The question is, is it a place you can get safe – and affordable – medicines from? How does it fare against other online pharmacies?

We’ll discuss all these and more in this post, so, keep reading!

A Brief Intro to Who Planet Drugs Direct Is

Planet Drugs Direct is a prescription referral service headquartered in Central Canada. First, customers provide them with their prescription. The service then connects them with low-cost prescription drugs.

The service not only caters to North Americans but also international customers. Its partner pharmacies uphold first world country standards, guaranteeing drug safety and efficacy.

All the Planet Drugs Direct partners also boast Canadian International Pharmacy Association membership. This means the Canadian government has licensed and regulated them for product safety. As such, being CIPA-certified gives patients peace of mind.

The fact that Planet Drugs Direct bears the CIPA Seal is proof enough they are a legitimate site. Keep in mind that only 57 websites have the authority to display this seal.

This said, make sure to check with CIPA the next time you plan on buying from a Canadian cloud pharmacy.

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An Actual Brick and Mortar Store Run and Operated by Licensed Pharmacists

You’ll be happy and relieved to know that Planet Drugs Direct also has an actual, physical store. The store itself holds an operating license in British Columbia.

Licensed pharmacists run and manage the brick and mortar facility. Customers can pick their purchases up from the store itself. Of course, they can also choose to have their orders delivered right at their doorstep.

Carries Only Health Canada-Approved Medication

Health Canada is the Canadian Government department responsible for overseeing national public health. Its tasks include reviewing drug products for safety and efficacy. The rigorous testing also includes checking the quality of all medications.

All these, Health Canada does before authorizing drug products for sale. That means medications need to pass the test before Canadian consumers can buy them.

Furthermore, manufacturers need to provide scientific evidence for their products’ safety and efficacy. Only then will Health Canada give them authorization to market their products.

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The good news is, Planet Drugs Direct only carry and Health Canada-approved medications. So, rest assured that the medicines you buy from them are safe, effective, and of quality.

Making Medications More Accessible and Affordable

In 2016 alone, personal health care costs in the U.S. amounted to a whopping $3 trillion. $477 billion of this went towards buying prescription drugs. That’s about 17% of all personal health care spending.

Now, do you know why drug prices continue to rise every year?

For the simple but unfair reason that manufacturers can raise prices as much as they choose to.

But you don’t need to stick to these companies. That’s thanks to cloud pharmacies and referral services like Planet Drugs Direct. CIPA-licensed sites offer medications costing as much as 80% less than branded drugs.

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Let’s use the prescription drug Viagra as an example. Pfizer’s original blue pill costs $65 each. Even if you buy the brand’s latest Generic Viagra offer, it’ll still set you back more than $30 each.

Planet Drugs Direct offer Viagra too, with 16 tablets of the 25mg tablet priced at $173.99. That’s $10.87 for each tablet.

As you can see, that’s more than a $50 difference per piece, or $866 for 16. That’s a lot of savings which Planet Drugs Direct lets you enjoy. You can save even more if you buy generic alternatives to the branded prescription drugs.

That’s only one example though. The prescription referral service carries thousands of other much more affordable medications. Imagine how much more you can save if you bought all your needed medicines from them.

Buyer’s Safety First

Patients buying from a U.S. mail-order company need to give a valid and signed doctor’s prescription. That’s a policy that the prescription process implements.

Planet Drugs Direct also follow the same process. Their licensed pharmacists even carry out clinical and accuracy checks on prescriptions. They do so to ensure their customers receive only safe and effective medications.

Even More Savings with Coupon Codes

As if the already low prices aren’t enough, you can save even more with Planet Drugs Direct coupon codes. At the moment, they’re running a promo that’ll take 5% off the entire order upon checkout.

Note that the service offers such deals on a regular basis. So, if you want to save even more, keep your eyes open for these discounts.

Ease of Order Placement

You have three ways of ordering from Planet Drugs Direct. Online, via phone, and through fax.

Ordering online via their website is the most convenient method. It’s also easier for most, since they can place orders any time of the day.

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You can also call them through their hotline, 1-888-791-3784. There’s also the fax method, which you can do through the toll-free number 1-800-858-2895. If you’re outside of Canada, fax your order to 1-204-800-7870.

If your order contains prescription medications, you need to present a valid prescription. This means your doctor should have the license to practice where you live. The prescription should also be in English.

After you’ve placed your prescription drug orders, you need to email or fax the prescription. You can also upload it straight to their website. The company allows mailed prescriptions, but this method can take a couple of weeks.

One of the best things about ordering from this service is the allowed quantity. You can order up to 90 days’ worth of medications you need! Not only is this more convenient; it also lets you save even more.

Varied and Safe Payment Methods

Whether you have a Mastercard, a Visa, or Amex, Planet Drugs Direct has you covered. They also accept payment through Discover and electronic check.

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For your peace of mind, the platform uses the latest online payment security programs. You can also rest assured that your information remains confidential.

They will only use your personal details for order fulfillment.

Quick Shipping and Delivery Times

Delivery times depend on whether you order prescription or OTC drugs. But you can expect an average ETA of between two and four weeks. In fact, some customers report they received their orders in less than a week.

The platform also lets you keep track of shipping and deliveries. Their customer service center can also assist with other questions about your orders.

Referral Bonuses

Aside from discounts and coupons, Planet Drugs Direct offer other money-saving programs. There’s the referral bonus, for instance.

You can take advantage of this soon after the receipt of your first order. This lets you refer other people to the platform. If they buy from the service, you’ll receive a $20 discount on your next order.

The people you refer also benefits from this bonus! They’ll also get the same amount of discount when they complete their first order.

Various Ways of Providing Customer Service Support

In need of help with your order? Have any questions about any type of medication? If so, then you can contact the Planet Direct Drug customer service support team.

You can give them a call through the toll-free number 1-888-791-3784. For international customers, dial 1-204-789-4150.

They’re available Mondays to Fridays, from 7 AM to 8 PM CST. They’re also open Saturdays, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST. If it’s a Sunday, you can give them a call from 8:30 AM to 5 PM CST.

Live chat is also available through the platform’s website.

Positive Planet Drugs Direct Reviews Say It All

If you look up Planet Drugs Direct reviews, you’ll see the majority are from happy customers. Many of them rave about how affordable the prices are. Others talk about how soon they received their orders.

We hope this review helped you determine the prescription referral service’s legitimacy. It is, after all, a reputable and trustworthy website. It’s one of the few places you can get top-quality, yet affordable prescription drugs.

Need more advice on buying medications? Then please feel free to head over to our blogsite. If you want to start saving now on medications, you should use our comparison tool.