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Phone Number: 1-866-779-7587
City / State: Surrey, BC
Country: Canada
Other Product Sold: Over-the-Counter, Vitamins & Supplements, Testing Supplies, and Pet Medications
Third Party Approvals: » CIPA - Canadian International Pharmacy Association » Pharmacy Checker Verification Program » International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia
Range of Prescription: Full (More than 500 medications)
Pharmacy Type: Independent Pharmacy Affiliate - An Independent Pharmacy Affiliate is not an online pharmacy nor do they have the ability to take orders for prescriptions drugs. An independent pharmacy affiliate simply links or refers customers to an Actual Pharmacy or Pharmacy Intermediary website.
License Number: verified online pharmacy
Personal Info Secure: verified online pharmacy
Financial Info Secure: verified online pharmacy
Original Prescription Required: verified online pharmacy
Company Address & Phone Number Provided: verified online pharmacy
Available Consultant: Yes
Submit Prescription by: Fax, Mail, Telephone From Your Doctor
Health Profile Required: Yes
Physical Exam Required: Recommended
Order By: Fax, Mail, Online, and Phone
Payment Type: All Major Credit Cards
Refills Provided: Yes
Refunds Allowed: No
Refund Policy Link: Click Here
Customer Account Setup Required: Yes
Does a "Medical Facts and Usage Sheet" come with medication ?: Yes
Standard Shipping Fee ($): 9.95
Standard Shipping Time: 2-3 Weeks
Additional Prescriptions Shipping Fee ($): 0.00
Do you offer overnight delivery?: No
Ship drugs to: USA Only
Which carrier do you use?: U.S. Standard Mail
Max # of Prescriptions per Shipping Order: No Restrictions
Pharmacy Shipping Terms Link: Click Here
Prescription Information Provided With Delivery: Yes
Account Set-Up Fee: No
Dispensing Fees: 0.00
Consultation Fee:
Consultation Fee Amount ($):
Order Fee: No
Additional Fees: No
Handling Fee ($): No
Total Price
Additional Savings
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