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Canada Pharmacy Depot provides individuals with prescription medication at a great discount. These drugs are the same as the drugs American pharmacies sell and they often come from the same place of manufacture. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association has certified Canada Pharmacy Depot as a member. Canada Pharmacy Depot only distributes medications from licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers.

By using Canada Pharmacy Depot clients can save a lot of money. Canada Pharmacy Depot will even promise to beat a competitors advertised price by 10%! You can also use a Canada Pharmacy Depot coupon to save even more!

Ordering is easy. You only need a valid prescription. Don't forget to use your Canada Pharmacy Depot coupon! Shipping is fast and you can request tracking. All packages receive protection from loss or damage. Customer satisfaction is very important so please leave a review. When clients leave Canada Pharmacy Depot reviews others can hear their experience. Canada Pharmacy Depot reviews are a great way to assist clients with order decisions.

Phone Number: 1-877-204-1507
City / State: Richmond, BC, V6X 3T6
Country: Canada
Other Product Sold: OTC & Pet Meds
Third Party Approvals: CIPA - Canadian International Pharmacy Association » Pharmacy Checker Verification Program
Range of Prescription: Full Service (More than 500 medications)
Pharmacy Type: Pharmacy Intermediary - An Online Pharmacy that does not have a bricks and mortar pharmacy presence.
License Number: verified online pharmacy
Personal Info Secure: verified online pharmacy
Financial Info Secure: verified online pharmacy
Original Prescription Required: verified online pharmacy
Company Address & Phone Number Provided: verified online pharmacy
Available Consultant: No
Submit Prescription by: Fax, Email, or Mail
Health Profile Required: No
Physical Exam Required: No
Order By: Phone, Fax, Mail or Website
Payment Type: All Major Credit Cards
Refills Provided: Yes
Refunds Allowed: No
Refund Policy Link: Click Here
Customer Account Setup Required: Yes
Does a "Medical Facts and Usage Sheet" come with medication ?: Yes
Standard Shipping Fee ($): $10.00
Standard Shipping Time: 8-14 business days
Additional Prescriptions Shipping Fee ($): 0.00
Do you offer overnight delivery?: No
Ship drugs to: Worldwide
Which carrier do you use?: USPS and Canada Post
Max # of Prescriptions per Shipping Order: No Restrictions
Pharmacy Shipping Terms Link: Click Here
Prescription Information Provided With Delivery: Yes
Account Set-Up Fee: No
Dispensing Fees: No
Consultation Fee: No
Consultation Fee Amount ($): 0.00
Order Fee: 0.00
Additional Fees: N/A
Handling Fee ($): 0.00

Canada Pharmacy Depot Saves Customers Money on Prescriptions Safely and Professionally

Prescription drug prices in the United States are astronomically high, and this has led to a dangerous trend where millions of Americans have been forced to ration their medication doses or even stop taking their prescribed medication altogether. The dilemma of having to choose between financial stability and health has become commonplace, but the good news is that there is an alternative that is safe, affordable and professional. Canada Pharmacy Depot provides prescription medication to individuals at a substantial discount through pharmacies that are staffed by qualified, licensed pharmacists and approved by the regulatory bodies in their respective countries. These medications are chemically and therapeutically identical to those distributed by American pharmacies and generally come from the same manufacturers. The service is easy to use, and thousands of satisfied customers have benefited through the significant savings that they have realized. Canada Pharmacy Depot is a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and adheres to the high standards of practice and stringent safety protocols required by this organization. Canada Pharmacy Depot reviews are incredibly positive and here are some of the advantages of using their service:

The Savings Is Amazing

Customers can save up to 90% on prescription medications by using Canada Pharmacy Depot. Considering that the monthly cost of some prescription drugs can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, this kind of savings makes a difference. Medications from Canada and other countries are often less expensive than in the U.S. The United States does not regulate or negotiate the price of prescription drugs. Other countries employ government agencies to interface with pharmaceutical companies and work out the most advantageous pricing for their citizens. The United States allows pharmaceutical companies to set their pricing, and that creates problems all the way from high co-pays to complete unaffordability, literally endangering the health of the very people who are supposed to benefit from the medications by pricing them out of the marketplace. Canada Pharmacy Depot leverages low international pricing to bring affordable prescription drugs to the U.S. market. Other countries may also have generic versions of medications that are not yet available in the U.S., and this is just one way that Canada Pharmacy Depot customers save money. Canada Pharmacy Depot guarantees to beat any advertised competitors price by 10%, provided that the medication meets safety standards and the strength/dosage and quantity match what is on the CPD website. Customers also have the option of earning $35.00 for every friend and family member that they refer to Canada Pharmacy Depot. Additionally, using a Canada Pharmacy Depot coupon can result in even further savings. Customers are encouraged to leave a Canada Pharmacy Depot review on their website, so that others may be motivated to benefit from these life-changing savings.

Client Safety Is #1

The safety of their clients is the number one concern of Canada Pharmacy Depot. There are numerous safeguards in place to ensure the quality of medications distributed, and the protections of the patients served. All medications come from licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers approved by the regulatory bodies in the countries where they operate. Canada Pharmacy Depot inspects these pharmacies and fulfillment centers, and specialists review the policies of these entities. All clients provide a detailed medical history, and this information is reviewed before shipment to guard against any potential drug interactions. Each prescription is reviewed by a licensed pharmacist, who will contact the prescribing physician if there are any questions before filling the order.

Streamlined Ordering and Fulfillment Process

Ordering from Canada Pharmacy Depot is easy and can be done online or by using the toll-free number at 1-877-204-1507. The only requirement is a valid prescription written by a qualified physician licensed in your country of residence. First, search the Canada Pharmacy Depot website to find your medication. Then, create an account on the site and place your order online or over the phone. Always make sure to use a Canada Pharmacy Depot coupon when ordering if possible. Next, send CPD your original prescription or contact them at the toll-free number and they will assist you in obtaining it from your doctor or pharmacist. After this, the order is quickly mailed directly to your home and tracking numbers for shipments are available upon request. Canada Pharmacy Depot protects all packages against loss or damage, and if a shipment is lost or arrives in poor condition, a reshipment will be provided free of charge. Refill orders are even more straightforward. Just log in to your account and use the shopping cart system to place the order. If the prescription has expired, send in the new one from your doctor. The Canada Pharmacy Depot website is entirely safe to order from and utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure that your information is secure, and your privacy is assured. As an added safeguard, CPD offers the Norton Shopping Guarantee that includes $10,000 identity theft protection and a $1,000 purchase guarantee. Canada Pharmacy Depot does not sell or trade information to third parties and will not discuss your account with anyone other than you, your doctor or an authorized family member. Customers are welcome to leave a Canada Pharmacy Depot review at any point during the ordering process. Canada Pharmacy Depot reviews are an essential way to make sure that clients are satisfied with the ordering and fulfillment process.

Outstanding Customer Service

Canada Pharmacy Depot is interested in developing and maintaining lifelong relationships with their customers. Their customer service department excels at meeting the needs of their customers in a quick, efficient and professional manner. The customer service representatives specialize in getting to know clients and going the extra mile to make sure that every interaction delivers satisfaction and peace of mind. Customers have the opportunity for a free consultation with a licensed pharmacist when available to advise them about everything from potential side effects to timing multiple medications, ensuring a clear understanding of the prescription. This consultation is an option that sets Canada Pharmacy Depot apart from many other online pharmacy services. Service representatives are available seven days a week during business hours by phone, email or live chat, making it as easy as possible to get in touch with questions or concerns about medication. When working with service representatives, always make sure to mention a Canada Pharmacy Depot coupon when possible. Customers rave about the service they receive in Canada Pharmacy Depot reviews and the company actively encourages every client to leave a Canada Pharmacy Depot review on their website so that more people are persuaded to take advantage of the fantastic service that they offer. Canada Pharmacy Depot stands ready to help everyone save money on prescription medication safely and efficiently. Thousands of people every month take advantage of their successful mission to provide access to the brand name and generic medicines at a fraction of their cost in the United States and elsewhere. Canada Pharmacy Depot believes that affordable prescription medication is a fundamental human right and that people should be able to experience health, happiness, and well-being without sacrificing their financial stability. Canada Pharmacy Depot is dedicated to providing each customer with 100% satisfaction and is committed to building relationships with their clients that are instrumental in contributing to the quality of their lives.
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