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Canada Drug Warehouse provides reliable service with a sense of compassion. When you use this online pharmacy to fill your prescription, you'll receive your medication as fast as possible. Online pharmacies are growing for a reason, and Canada Drug Warehouse is an example of these benefits. Their customers are satisfied with the customer service they receive, and Canada Drug Warehouse reviews seem to suggest the online pharmacy is more reliable than physical pharmacies.

Customers can also enjoy lower prices for their prescription medication. With a Canada Drug Warehouse coupon, you can purchase your prescription drugs at an affordable price. These discounts make a difference, and a Canada Drug Warehouse coupon will pass the savings on to you. The pharmacy thinks about every problem their customers can have and delivers a solution for them. Canada Drug Warehouse reviews its customer's concerns before implementing new features. Giving Canada Drug Warehouse a review and rating will help the pharmacy improve. Your words will have an impact others will feel.

Phone Number: 1-877-204-1506
City / State: Richmond, BC, V6X 3T6
Country: Canada
Other Product Sold: OTC & Pet Meds
Third Party Approvals: CIPA - Canadian International Pharmacy Association » Pharmacy Checker Verification Program
Range of Prescription: Full Service (More than 500 medications)
Pharmacy Type: Pharmacy Intermediary - An Online Pharmacy that does not have a bricks and mortar pharmacy presence.
License Number: verified online pharmacy
Personal Info Secure: verified online pharmacy
Financial Info Secure: verified online pharmacy
Original Prescription Required: verified online pharmacy
Company Address & Phone Number Provided: verified online pharmacy
Available Consultant: No
Submit Prescription by: Fax, Email, or Mail
Health Profile Required: No
Physical Exam Required: No
Order By: Phone, Fax, Mail or Website
Payment Type: All Major Credit Cards
Refills Provided: Yes
Refunds Allowed: No
Refund Policy Link: Click Here
Customer Account Setup Required: Yes
Does a "Medical Facts and Usage Sheet" come with medication ?: Yes
Standard Shipping Fee ($): $10.00
Standard Shipping Time: 8-14 business days
Additional Prescriptions Shipping Fee ($): 0.00
Do you offer overnight delivery?: No
Ship drugs to: Worldwide
Which carrier do you use?: USPS and Canada Post
Max # of Prescriptions per Shipping Order: No Restrictions
Pharmacy Shipping Terms Link: Click Here
Prescription Information Provided With Delivery: Yes
Account Set-Up Fee: No
Dispensing Fees: No
Consultation Fee: No
Consultation Fee Amount ($): 0.00
Order Fee: 0.00
Additional Fees: N/A
Handling Fee ($): 0.00

Canada Drug Warehouse review: A Brief Background

Canada Drug Warehouse values integrity and inclusivity. They firmly believe that medication should be accessible and affordable to all who need it; no one should have to perpetually suffer or live in constant pain or discomfort because he or she cannot afford outrageously overpriced, inaccessible pharmaceuticals. They supply affordable brand-name and generic medications efficiently and with customer safety and convenience a top priority.

More About Canada Drug Warehouse

  • Reasons People Choose Canada Drug Warehouse Their accessible, online pharmacy allows for immediate access to licensed pharmacies and/or fulfillment centers. They make sure to get the highest quality medication for the most affordable price.
  • Their Mission Canada Drug Warehouse cares about your health and every other aspect of your life. They want you to remain healthy by receiving drugs you may need. Additionally, they want you to be able to afford your medication without breaking the bank. They offer affordable prices and have a Canada Drug Warehouse coupon available for use.
  • How they Operate
Canada Drug Warehouse exists to keep their customers happy and healthy Many have their drugs provided through Canada Drug Warehouse because of their trustworthiness and their money savings; any customer is encouraged to leave an honest Canada Drug Warehouse review because they truly care about customer opinions and feedback.

An Overview of the Entire Process at Canada Drug Warehouse

Customers are able to easily locate their medication through Canada Drug Warehouse's convenient online ordering process. An extensive inventory of all medications available for ordering can be easily found at their website. The process is simple and organized. Customers must create an account through Canada Drug Warehouse, then they are able to choose between placing an order online or over the phone with one of their many qualified customer service representatives who are extremely well known for their wonderful customer service. After receiving the prescription from their doctor, people can forward that original prescription to Canada Drug Warehouse who will then ask for payment. A Canada Drug Warehouse coupon is always available for use so that customers are able to shave off even more costs from their great quality medication. People often choose to utilize Canada Drug Warehouse for their excellent delivery fulfillment process. Orders are processed quickly and efficiently. Then, they are shipped out to be delivered directly to the customer's doorstep. This is the ideal situation for customers who are too busy or are unable to leave the home to go pick up their medication at a far away pharmacy. The convenience of Canada Drug Warehouse cannot be beat.

Added Benefits of Using Canada Drug Warehouse

  • Reliability Canada Drug Warehouse has been certified by the reputable Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). This information is available to be viewed and verified by the public at the CIPA website,
    • Trustworthiness
    Refill requests can also be requested easily via Canada Drug Warehouse's phone line or email contact. They emphasize customer safety. Their website is encrypted to protect the personal information of all customers. They "pledge to protect patient safety" by employing strict policies such as purchase protection and identity theft protection. The personal information of customers is only able to be accessed by those who have permission to do so. All information regarding customer medical history is confidential and highly protected and valued at Canada Drug Warehouse.
    • Compassion Towards Customers
    If a customer has a problem with an order, Canada Drug Warehouse will reship that order free of charge or offer the customer an entire refund. Any dissatisfaction can be reported to them via any of their contact pathways. Their compassionate CareTeam works to guarantee all customers are satisfied, safeguarded and taken care of in the best possible way.

    Money Savings at Canada Drug Warehouse

    Many people marvel at Canada Drug Warehouse's provision of generic and brand-name medications at a fraction of the price. Governments regulate the price of medications and often charge much higher than necessary. Prices are often lower in other countries such as Canada than they are in the United States, where the government controls and boosts the prices for profit and monetary gain. Canada Drug Warehouse seeks to provide these medications at a lower cost because in Canada, government controls on medication are different. Countries outside of the United States may also have generic drug versions which are not even available for use or purchase in the United States at this time due to rigid regulations. Even with this significantly cheaper price, Canada Drug Warehouse offers a Canada Drug Warehouse coupon to make drugs even more affordable for customers.

    Customer Feedback and Opinions

    All customer experiences and feedback are highly regarded and valued at Canada Drug Warehouse. Any customer is encouraged to leave a Canada Drug Warehouse review. The entire service process may be easily rated by clicking the "Reviews" tab above. Choosing a method to purchase and receive medication is a big decision. People often seek out this trusted review website before making the substantial decision in regards to the purchasing and providing of their medication. Placing a review on this website may help other potential customers make an extraordinarily knowledgeable decision about fulfilling their prescriptions through an online service provider.

    Summing Up the Service at Canada Drug Warehouse

    Customers have selected Canada Drug Warehouse as the supplier of their medication for their:
    • Cost and Efficiency They pride themselves in their ability to provide consumers with drugs at a fraction of the price that other manufacturers sell them for. In fact, if a Canada Drug Warehouse customer finds a drug at a lower price elsewhere, Canada Drug Warehouse will either match that price or lower it by 10% as long as the drug adheres to their strict safety standards. Any ordered prescription is shipped out ASAP and will be delivered to the customer's doorstep in 8-14 days.
    • Safety Their drugs are extremely safe. Ordering online does not have to be risky or dangerous. All medications sourced from Canada Drug Warehouse are vetted by licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers before being shipped to the customer.
    • Great Reputation
    Canada Drug Warehouse has a network of happy and healthy customers. This can be displayed in their referral program located on their website. Friends and family of customers of Canada Drug Warehouse often utilize this beneficial program in order to receive up to 90% off of their orders and a guaranteed $35 off of the next order purchased through Canada Drug Warehouse. Customers can also stay continually informed and connected via their educational blog.

    Where to Contact Canada Drug Warehouse

    Canada Drug Warehouse remains extremely accessible and available to all. They can be reached by phone at 1-877-204-1506 or they may be sent an email at Furthermore, their wonderfully constructed website has a live chat option, where customers or potential customers may have their questions and concerns answered immediately by one of their reliable customer service representatives.
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