A brief, six-minute video from pharmacology student Arthur Djahani, exploring the ethical issues facing the pharmaceutical industry today. Closing line:

Ask your doctor if big pharma is right for you. Side effects may include deception, shattered hopes, loss of money, nausea, dizziness and death…

Worth a watch.

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Nice film work…but missed the truth. Humankind has evolved and as such we are uncovering ways to betterour lives. We should just let people die at 50 like we used to.

The issue is not medical advancement generally or the use of prescription drugs specifically. We started this site because we believe in both.

But we also started this site because we believe the current system has problems; that’s what we — and we think this film — are trying to highlight.

We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We just need to clean up the bathwater.

Yeah, and include the potential damage done to public health because of this enviornment.

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