PeterNRX talks with the mysterious Jack Friday

Here’s the interview.

In other pharma blogosphere news, Peter and John Mack are still feuding.

As for us, we love Peter, John and Jack. We’re just disgruntled that we researched our booty off for our Pharma Girls of Reality TV post — and then nobody linked to it.

Can’t we all just get along??

Speaking of which, here’s your complimentary Friday afternoon episode of “Rodney King of Queens”…

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I enjoyed your post about the reality show pharma reps and really wondered how you managed to sift through the Net to find them!

Unfortunately, I was too busy busting my butt exposing Rost’s hype machine to acknowledge your work.

My bad!

That’s OK — I’m enjoying my ringside seat to Mack vs. Rost!

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