Peter Rost is a “professional pain in the ass”

And for that, we are eternally grateful. If it weren’t for Peter and others like him, there would be little rhetorical counterpoint to the misinformation machine that is Big Pharma.

A recent article in Fortune tells the world what many of us in pharma blogging have known for a long time:

When Rost is on his game, he is a force to be reckoned with. And he is part of a larger phenomenon that is forcing Big Pharma into a new era of accountability.

Also from the piece:

Rost’s many critics would love to be able to dismiss him as an embittered crank. But they can’t. The blog has clout. As a conduit for Big Pharma whistleblowers, it has taken some notable scalps. Earlier this spring, for example, Rost’s muckraking spurred congressional curiosity; federal investigators are now looking into AstraZeneca for Arimidex-related marketing irregularities. Another series of blog entries resulted in a government probe into Pfizer’s marketing activities. And a dispatch on dubious sales practices led to at least one sales director’s ouster.

We were also delighted to see mention of our favorite “witty Brit,” Jack Friday at PharmaGossip.

Congrats to Peter, Jack and to all pharma bloggers who are committed to holding Big Pharma accountable for its actions.


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